Learn How to Register a Business in Maine

Maine is a sought-after state to live, work, and conduct business in, which is helped by its constantly improving and developing business climate. This makes doing business within the state…

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Minimum Wage in Maine

When you are doing business in the United States, whether that be as a business owner, or an employee it is crucial to understand and know the law and, subsequently,…

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How to Get an EIN Number in Maine

Have you recently registered a company in Maine? Are you thinking of forming a new company in Maine? If so, once you have registered it the next step is to obtain your Maine EIN number. Here's how to get an EIN number in Maine.

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Speed Limits in Maine

Planning a trip to Maine? Maybe you are even formulating a move to the state or have only just relocated? There are so many things to look forward to when…

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Maine’s Nickname

One of the things that make the U.S unique is the fact that it is made up of 50 different States, all with their own laws, widely varying climates, landscapes,…

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Maine State Abbreviation

When you are sending anything to a physical address, whether that be packages, cards, or documents, you will help yourself greatly by knowing the state postal abbreviation. It can be…

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