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There are more than 317 US state area codes which are all allocated to specific states, towns, and cities throughout the United States.

There are also 18 other US area codes that aren’t assigned to a specific geographic region.

Some states use just one area code for the entire state but the majority use different and unique US state area codes for cities, towns, counties, or specific geographical regions of a US state.

Generally, highly populated states in the US have more than one US state area code to ensure there is a continual supply of phone numbers in the region.

If you want to go straight to our complete listing of US State area codes (below), click HERE.

Area Code Listing by Number

The state of California has the largest number of US state area codes, 38 of them! Texas has the second most with 27 and Florida has 20 different area codes.

Some US states are assigned to a single area code if their population is not that high, while many US state area codes have been created and added to states that have a much larger population. By adding new area codes, millions of new numbers become available for a specific region of a state.

Area Code Listing By Number

The United States area codes were created and are monitored by Federal state authorities, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANP), and the FCC have jurisdiction over the telephone number administration.

The FCC gives the authority to states when deciding when and how to add and introduce area code listings by number in the US.

An area code overlay is an addition of another area code to the same geographic area as an existing area code. The area code listing by number system is added to the existing area to make sure there is a continual supply of phone numbers in the region.

What this means is that more than one area code will serve a specific state or a certain geographical area within that state. This is known as an overlay.

When the population and saturation of phone numbers reach capacity in a specific area an additional 3-digit overlay is added. This is generally not a cause for concern because you won’t have to change your existing number or area code, it will continue to function as normal.

Even if you are calling someone who has the same area code listing as you, you must dial the area code + the telephone number, typically a total of 10 digits.

The Area Code Listing by Number table below displays the 335+ dialing codes required when making calls to those in different states and areas throughout the U.S. The area code listing table is in numerical order for your convenience.

What you will find useful about this table is that if you receive a phone call from a friend, family member, colleague, or business inquiry, you will generally be able to tell what state they are calling from by identifying which 3-digit area code they have from the list below.

From a business perspective, many people leave voicemails with their telephone number but they rarely say what state they are calling from. By using our area code listing by number table below, you can usually determine this before calling them back.

Since there are different time zones in the U.S., if you happen to be on the East Coast and receive a voicemail from someone who you have determined might have called you from a California area code, you might want to wait before calling them at 9:00 am ET because it will be 6:00 am in CA!

Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule because someone may have lived in CA and since moved to NYC, but still have their CA area code phone number, which often happens. Nonetheless, the list of area codes by state table below will always be extremely useful to you, so bookmark this page.

List of Area Codes by State

The following area code listing by number table shows all the various US state area codes in numerical order. The next time you receive a call from an area code you do not recognize you can refer to this table and quickly find what state the person is calling from.

US Area CodesStateArea Codes by State
201NJNew Jersey Area Code
202DCWashington, D.C. Area Code (Changed to 771 in 2021)
203CTConnecticut Area Code
205ALAlabama Area Code
206WAWashington Area Code
207MEMaine Area Code
208IDIdaho Area Code
209CACalifornia Area Code
210TXTexas Area Code
212NYNew York Area Code
213CACalifornia Area Code
214TXTexas Area Code (Changed to 945 in 2021)
215PAPennsylvania Area Code
216OHOhio Area Code
217ILIllinois Area Code (Changed to 447 in 2021)
218MNMinnesota Area Code
219INIndiana Area Code
220OHOhio Area Code
223PAPennsylvania Area Code
224ILIllinois Area Code
225LALouisiana Area Code
228MSMississippi Area Code
229GAGeorgia Area Code
231MIMichigan Area Code
234OHOhio Area Code
239FLFlorida Area Code
240MDMaryland Area Code
248MIMichigan Area Code
251ALAlabama Area Code
252NCNorth Carolina Area Code
253WAWashington Area Code
254TXTexas Area Code
256ALAlabama Area Code
260INIndiana Area Code
262WIWisconsin Area Code
267PAPennsylvania Area Code
269MIMichigan Area Code
270KYKentucky Area Code
272PAPennsylvania Area Code
276VAVirginia Area Code
278MIMichigan Area Code
281TXTexas Area Code
283OHOhio Area Code
301MDMaryland Area Code
302DEDelaware Area Code
304WVWest Virginia Area Code
305FLFlorida Area Code
307WYWyoming Area Code
308NENebraska Area Code
309ILIllinois Area Code
310CACalifornia Area Code
312ILIllinois Area Code
313MIMichigan Area Code
314MOMissouri Area Code
315NYNew York Area Code
316KSKansas Area Code
317INIndiana Area Code
318LALouisiana Area Code
319IAIowa Area Code
320MNMinnesota Area Code
321FLFlorida Area Code
323CACalifornia Area Code
325TXTexas Area Code
330OHOhio Area Code
331ILIllinois Area Code
332NYNew York Area Code
334ALAlabama Area Code
336NCNorth Carolina Area Code
337LALouisiana Area Code
339MAMassachusetts Area Code
346TXTexas Area Code
347NYNew York Area Code
350CACalifornia Area Code (Was 209)
351MAMassachusetts Area Code
352FLFlorida Area Code
360WAWashington Area Code
361TXTexas Area Code
363NYNew York Area Code (Was 516)
369CACalifornia Area Code
380OHOhio Area Code
385UTUtah Area Code
386FLFlorida Area Code
401RIRhode Island Area Code
402NENebraska Area Code
405OKOklahoma Area Code (Changed to 572 in 2021)
406MTMontana Area Code
407FLFlorida Area Code
408CACalifornia Area Code
409TXTexas Area Code
410MDMaryland Area Code
412PAPennsylvania Area Code
413MAMassachusetts Area Code
414WIWisconsin Area Code
415CACalifornia Area Code
417MOMissouri Area Code
419OHOhio Area Code
423TNTennessee Area Code
424CACalifornia Area Code
425WAWashington Area Code
430TXTexas Area Code
432TXTexas Area Code
434VAVirginia Area Code
435UTUtah Area Code
440OHOhio Area Code
442CACalifornia Area Code
443MDMaryland Area Code
447ILIllinois Area Code (Changed from 217 in 2021)
448FLFlorida Area Code (Changed from 850 in 2021)
458OROregon Area Code
464ILIllinois Area Code (Was 708)
469TXTexas Area Code (Changed to 945 in 2021)
470GAGeorgia Area Code
475CTConnecticut Area Code
478GAGeorgia Area Code
479ARArkansas Area Code
480AZArizona Area Code
484PAPennsylvania Area Code
501ARArkansas Area Code
502KYKentucky Area Code
503OROregon Area Code
504LALouisiana Area Code
505NMNew Mexico Area Code
507MNMinnesota Area Code
508MAMassachusetts Area Code
509WAWashington Area Code
510CACalifornia Area Code
512TXTexas Area Code
513OHOhio Area Code
515IAIowa Area Code
516NYNew York Area Code
517MIMichigan Area Code
518NYNew York Area Code
520AZArizona Area Code
526Non-GeographicAll locations (Number for iPads & Tablets)
527Non-GeographicAll locations (Number for iPads & Tablets)
528Non-GeographicAll locations (Number for iPads & Tablets)
529Non-GeographicAll locations (Number for iPads & Tablets)
530CACalifornia Area Code
539OKOklahoma Area Code
541OROregon Area Code
551NJNew Jersey Area Code
557MOMissouri Area Code (Was 314)
559CACalifornia Area Code
561FLFlorida Area Code
562CACalifornia Area Code
563IAIowa Area Code
564WAWashington Area Code
567OHOhio Area Code
570PAPennsylvania Area Code
571VAVirginia Area Code
572OKOklahoma Area Code (Changed from 405 in 2021)
573MOMissouri Area Code
574INIndiana Area Code
575NMNew Mexico Area Code
580OKOklahoma Area Code
582PAPennsylvania Area Code (Was 814)
585NYNew York Area Code
586MIMichigan Area Code
601MSMississippi Area Code
602AZArizona Area Code
603NHNew Hampshire Area Code
605SDSouth Dakota Area Code
606KYKentucky Area Code
607NYNew York Area Code
608WIWisconsin Area Code
609NJNew Jersey Area Code
610PAPennsylvania Area Code
612MNMinnesota Area Code
614OHOhio Area Code
615TNTennessee Area Code
616MIMichigan Area Code
617MAMassachusetts Area Code
618ILIllinois Area Code
619CACalifornia Area Code
620KSKansas Area Code
623AZArizona Area Code
626CACalifornia Area Code
628CACalifornia Area Code
629TNTennessee Area Code
630ILIllinois Area Code
631NYNew York Area Code
636MOMissouri Area Code
641IAIowa Area Code
646NYNew York Area Code
650CACalifornia Area Code
651MNMinnesota Area Code
656FLFlorida Area Code (Was 813)
657CACalifornia Area Code
660MOMissouri Area Code
661CACalifornia Area Code
662MSMississippi Area Code
667MDMaryland Area Code
669CACalifornia Area Code
678GAGeorgia Area Code
679MIMichigan Area Code
681WVWest Virginia Area Code
682TXTexas Area Code
689FLFlorida Area Code
701NDNorth Dakota Area Code
702NVNevada Area Code
703VAVirginia Area Code
704NCNorth Carolina Area Code
706GAGeorgia Area Code
707CACalifornia Area Code
712IAIowa Area Code
713TXTexas Area Code
714CACalifornia Area Code
715WIWisconsin Area Code
716NYNew York Area Code
717PAPennsylvania Area Code
718NYNew York Area Code
719COColorado Area Code
724PAPennsylvania Area Code
725NVNevada Area Code
727FLFlorida Area Code
728FLFlorida Area Code (Was 561)
731TNTennessee Area Code
732NJNew Jersey Area Code
734MIMichigan Area Code
737TXTexas Area Code
740OHOhio Area Code
743NCNorth Carolina Area Code
747CACalifornia Area Code
754FLFlorida Area Code
760CACalifornia Area Code
762GAGeorgia Area Code
763MNMinnesota Area Code
765INIndiana Area Code
769MSMississippi Area Code
771DCWashington, D.C. Area Code (Changed from 202 in 2021)
772FLFlorida Area Code
773ILIllinois Area Code
774MAMassachusetts Area Code
775NVNevada Area Code
779ILIllinois Area Code
781MAMassachusetts Area Code
786FLFlorida Area Code
801UTUtah Area Code
802VTVermont Area Code
803SCSouth Carolina Area Code
804VAVirginia Area Code
805CACalifornia Area Code
806TXTexas Area Code
808HIHawaii Area Code
810MIMichigan Area Code
812INIndiana Area Code
815ILIllinois Area Code
816MOMissouri Area Code
817TXTexas Area Code
818CACalifornia Area Code
826VAVirginia Area Code (Was 540)
828NCNorth Carolina Area Code
830TXTexas Area Code
831CACalifornia Area Code
832TXTexas Area Code
835PAPennsylvania Area Code
840CACalifornia Area Code (Was 909)
843SCSouth Carolina Area Code
845NYNew York Area Code
847ILIllinois Area Code
848NJNew Jersey Area Code
850FLFlorida Area Code (Changed to 448 in 2021)
856NJNew Jersey Area Code
857MAMassachusetts Area Code
858CACalifornia Area Code
859KYKentucky Area Code
860CTConnecticut Area Code
861ILIllinois Area Code (Was 309)
862NJNew Jersey Area Code
863FLFlorida Area Code
864SCSouth Carolina Area Code
865TNTennessee Area Code
870ARArkansas Area Code
872ILIllinois Area Code
901TNTennessee Area Code
903TXTexas Area Code
904FLFlorida Area Code
906MIMichigan Area Code
907AKAlaska Area Code
908NJNew Jersey Area Code
910NCNorth Carolina Area Code
912GAGeorgia Area Code
913KSKansas Area Code
914NYNew York Area Code
915TXTexas Area Code
916CACalifornia Area Code
917NYNew York Area Code
918OKOklahoma Area Code
919NCNorth Carolina Area Code
920WIWisconsin Area Code
925CACalifornia Area Code
927FLFlorida Area Code
928AZArizona Area Code
929NYNew York Area Code
931TNTennessee Area Code
935CACalifornia Area Code
936TXTexas Area Code
937OHOhio Area Code
940TXTexas Area Code
941FLFlorida Area Code
943GAGeorgia Area Code (Was 404)
943GAGeorgia Area Code (Was 770)
945TXTexas Area Code (Changed from 214 in 2021)
947MIMichigan Area Code
948VAVirginia Area Code (Was 757)
949CACalifornia Area Code
951CACalifornia Area Code
952MNMinnesota Area Code
954FLFlorida Area Code
956TXTexas Area Code
957NMNew Mexico Area Code
959CTConnecticut Area Code
970COColorado Area Code
971OROregon Area Code
972TXTexas Area Code
973NJNew Jersey Area Code
975MOMissouri Area Code
978MAMassachusetts Area Code
979TXTexas Area Code
980NCNorth Carolina Area Code
983COColorado Area Code (Was 303 & 720)
984NCNorth Carolina Area Code
985LALouisiana Area Code
989MIMichigan Area Code

Future Area Codes

As you will have seen from our table of area codes for each U.S. state – there are many new area codes that have been introduced. This is typically due to the state running out of telephone numbers for that specific area code, an example being the 209 area code for Stockton changing to 350 in 2022. Below is a table consisting of all the future area codes that we know about, with their projected release dates:

New Area CodeU.S. StateDate Effective
227MarylandJune 14, 2023
235MissouriMarch 24, 2024
274WisconsinMay 5, 2023
283OhioApril 28, 2023
324FloridaFebruary 26, 2024
327ArkansasFebruary 20, 2024
329New YorkMarch 24, 2023
353WisconsinSeptember 15, 2023
436OhioMarch 1, 2024
624New YorkNovember 16, 2023
645FloridaAugust 4, 2023
679Michigan2025 (No Specific Date)
686VirginiaFebruary 1, 2024
730IllinoisJuly 7, 2023
821South CarolinaJanuary 19, 2024
975MissouriOctober 13, 2023

How Many Area Codes in California?

California currently has 38 state area codes, after adding two more to the original 36 area codes attached to the Golden State. Below is a table consisting of all 38 California state area codes including future ones with the specific region/area they belong to.

California Area CodeRegion/Zone
 209/350Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Turlock
 213/323Los Angeles
 310/424Southwest Los Angeles County
 408/669San Jose
 415/628San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos
 510/341Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, Richmond
 530Redding, Chico, Davis, Marysville, Red Bluff, Oroville, Placerville, Truckee, Yuba City
 559 Fresno, Visalia, Madera, Hanford
 562 Long Beach, Whittier, Norwalk, Lakewood, Bellflower, Cerritos, Southeast Los Angeles County
 619/858San Diego
 626San Gabriel Valley
 650San Mateo, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Daly City
 661Kern County; Bakersfield, Northern Los Angeles County including Lancaster, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita
 707/369Santa Rosa, Eureka, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Napa, Vallejo, Fairfield
 714/657 Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Orange, Westminster, Garden Grove
 760/442 Palm Springs, Oceanside, Bishop, Ridgecrest, Barstow, El Centro, Needles, Victorville
 805/820 Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Maria, Santa Paula
 818/747 Burbank, Van Nuys, Glendale, Chatsworth, San Fernando, Panorama City, Northridge
 831Monterey, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Hollister
 909/840 San Bernardino, Ontario, Pomona, Chino
 925Concord, Walnut Creek, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Martinez, Antioch
 949Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente
 951Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, Perris, Temecula, Murrieta, Western Riverside County

How Many Area Codes in Florida?

As it stands, Florida has 20 different state area codes, which is two more than it previously had. Below is a table consisting of all 20 Florida state area codes including future area codes with the regions they belong to.

Florida Area CodeRegion/Zone
239Lee County, Collier County, Monroe County
305 Miami-Dade County, Florida Keys
321 Orlando, Cocoa Beach, St. Cloud, Central Eastern Florida
324 Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Starke, Green Cove Springs
352 Dunnellon, Gainesville, Inverness, Lady Lake, Ocala, Spring Hill, The Villages, Wildwood, Central Florida
386 Daytona Beach, Lake City, Live Oak, Crescent City
407 Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Kissimmee, St. Cloud
448 Pensacola, Tallahassee, Panama City
561West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Belle Glade
645Miami-Dade County, Florida Keys
656Tampa, Plant City
689Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Kissimmee, St. Cloud
727 Clearwater, St. Petersburg
728Future Area Code for 561
754 Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs
772Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce, Sebastian, Stuart
786Miami-Dade County, Florida Keys
813Hillsborough County, Tampa, Plant City
850 Pensacola, Navarre, Tallahassee, Panama City
863Lakeland, Arcadia, Avon Park, Clewiston, Bartow, Sebring, Winter Haven, Poinciana
904Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Starke, Green Cove Springs
941Gulf Coast, Manatee County, Sarasota County, Charlotte County
954Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs

How Many Area Codes in Texas?

Texas currently has 27 state area codes for telephone numbers attached to the Lone Star State. Below is a table consisting of all the Texas state area codes including future ones with the specific region/area they belong to.

Texas Area CodeRegion/Zone
210San Antonio
254Waco, Killeen, Temple, Belton, Stephenville, North Texas
325Abilene, Sweetwater, Snyder, San Angelo
361Corpus Christi, Victoria, George West, South Texas
409Beaumont, Glaveston, Port Arthur, Jasper, Southeast Texas
430Northeast Texas
432West Texas
512Austin, San Marcos, Kyle, Lampasas, Bastrop, Milam, Central Texas
682Forth Worth, Arlington, Grandview, Weatherford, Rhome
726San Antonio
737Austin, San Marcos, Kyle, Lampasas, Bastrop, Milam, Central Texas
806Amarillo, Lubbock, Canadian, Perryton, Shamrock, Dalhart, Texas Panhandle
817Forth Worth, Arlington, Grandview, Weatherford, Rhome
830Uvalde, New Braunfels, Kerryville, Boerne, Eagle Pass, Southwest Texas
903Texarkana, Tyler, Sherman, Longview, Marshall, Palestine, Jacksonville, Carthage, Northeast Texas
915El Paso County
936Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Conroe, Huntsville, Center, Crockett, Southeast Texas
940Vernon, Wichita Falls, Denton, Gainsville, Decatur, North Texas
956Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, Harlingen, South Texas
979Wharton, Bryan, Bay City, College Station, Lake Jackson, La Grange, Southeast Texas

Below we have a downloadable area codes for Texas map, detailing the specific areas around the state and their area codes, free to use as a reference:

South Dakota Area Code

South Dakota, despite being a large state containing 156 cities, 154 towns, and 1 village only has one statewide area code!

The area code for the entire state of South Dakota is 605, which makes it pretty easy to identify where somebody is calling you from, should you receive a call from a number beginning with “605”.

New Jersey Area Codes

The popular state of New Jersey contains 10 different area codes; 201, 551, 609, 640, 732, 848, 856, 862, 908, and 973 below are details of which locations these area codes belong to:

  • 201 area code covers Jersey City, Union City, Hackensack, Kearny, Bayonne, and Hoboken.
  • 551 area code is an overlay of the 201 areas, covering the same cities.
  • 609 area code is used for the Trenton to Atlantic City area based in central and southeast New Jersey, whilst also covering Pleasantville, Ocean Acres, and Hammonton.
  • 640 is an overlay for 609, covering the exact same areas.
  • 732 is the area code in New Jersey for the areas of Toms River, New Brunswick, Lakewood, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, and Long Branch.
  • 848 covers all the same areas as 732.
  • 856 is the area code for Southwest New Jersey, including the cities of Camden, Vineland, Millville, Bridgeton, and Glassboro.
  • 862 is the area code for Newark, Paterson, Clifton, Passaic, East Orange, and Garfield.
  • 908, the area code covering New Jersey’s west regions, Elizabeth, Plainfield, Linden, Westfield, North Plainfield, and Summit.
  • 973 covers the same areas as 862, Newark, Paterson, Clifton, Passaic, East Orange, and Garfield.

Newark NJ Area Codes

The most populous city in New Jersey is Newark, which has two area codes covering it – the first is 862 and the second is 973.

Louisiana Area Code Map

Below is a map of Louisiana displaying the area codes for the specific regions within it:

Hawaii Area Code Map

Here is the area code map for the islands of  Hawaii:

MS Area Code Map

Mississippi’s area codes are detailed below in a map format:

Popular City Area Codes

Here are the area codes for some of the most notable cities in the United States:

  • Detroit, Michigan: 313
  • Savannah, Georgia: 912
  • Miami, Florida: 305, 786, and 645

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