Foreign USA is a helpful resource for those looking to do business in the United States, for people who are considering moving to the U.S., and those that live in the United States. The goal is to not only help foreigners navigate their way around the various nuances of doing business in the U.S. and moving to a new country, but it is also a valuable resource for Americans already living in the U.S. and those that might be considering moving from one state to another or starting their own business.

We have a variety of different business resources being added to the website daily, some are very business-focused and show you how to register a company in the U.S., apply for, and get an EIN for your business (whether you are a foreigner or American citizen), open a business bank account, find out what the minimum wage is in the state you are planning to operate a business from; while other resources on our website are informational and light-hearted.

If you want to know what nickname is given to each state in the U.S., you can find detailed pages on all 50 states that will let you know the main nickname and any others that a state may be known for. If you want to know what the two-letter postal abbreviation is for each state, we have 50 different pages and downloadable tables you can use as a point of reference. Likewise, if you need to know the important and interesting facts about a state, including its history, what it is best known for, and what it excels in from an economic standpoint; you can find all of this at Foreign USA.

So, if it is about business, the economy, starting a company, hiring employees, sales tax rates, income tax rates, how to register for state tax ID numbers, reasons to move to a specific state, or just informative and interesting facts about the U.S. and its 50 states such as U.S. state symbols, we have these helpful resources and provide you with actionable advice on doing business and living in the United States.

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