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Discovered and founded by the Spanish in the 1500s, made an official state in 1867, and lying in both the Great Plains and in the Midwestern region of the U.S you will find the totally landlocked state of Nebraska.

Nebraska has been perceived by many as being a somewhat boring state, with minimal opportunities or things to do. Well, this statement could not be further from the truth! The small towns littered around Nebraska may be small in size, but they are some of the most historical in the country and have been the birthplace of many fantastic creations.

There is a lot to be said about Nebraska, with the Cornhusker state having some of the most incredibly diverse landscapes, beautiful state forests, and national parks, along with stunning plains that span across miles of farmland and greenery. There is a lot more to Nebraska than simply the invention of the tasty Reuben sandwich. So, why not take a look at our checklist consisting of 16 interesting facts about Nebraska!

Alternatively, if you would like to check out the business and economic facts rather than our full list, simply click on the link.

Interesting Facts About Nebraska

Let’s delve right into the facts – enjoy!

1. Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo is home to the largest indoor rainforest in the United States. Standing at eight stories tall, and spanning 1.5 acres in land area, this famous man-made rainforest contains hippos, tapirs, and capuchin monkeys.

2. If you enjoy horse riding and horses, then Nebraska might be the place for you! Known for its vast planes, perfect for ranches, farms, and obviously horse riding. And with over 100,000 horses residing in Nebraska, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.

3. Nebraska has predominantly one nickname. State nicknames tend to be used by many to reference the state and has also been derived from a historical event or something important and unique to the state. Cornhusker is Nebraska’s official state nickname, however, there are many more nicknames that have been adopted over the years.

4. There is evidence of the Oregon Trail travelers still in Nebraska, with the wagon roadbed still visible at Scotts Bluff National Monument. However, the original ruts were eroded many years ago, the hiking trail is still accessible for around a half-mile too,

5. The world-famous canned meat, SPAM, was invented in Fremont, Nebraska.

6. The Nebraska Cornhuskers’ is the state’s largest and most popular football team. With the stadium holding over 90,000 people, meaning that, on a game day, the stadium and surrounding area is easily the third most populated place in the state!

7. Nebraska is the largest producer and user in the United States of center pivot irrigation, which is essentially a rotating crop watering tool, used by many in agriculture to make watering crops as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to see the economic facts about Nebraska that could play an integral role in your decision to start a business or franchise in the state, then scroll down a little further to see the business and economic facts.

8. In 1927, the incredibly popular juice-based drink for kids and adults alike, Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins in the town of Hastings.

9. Ever wanted to visit Stonehenge? Well, there is no need anymore, just head to Nebraska instead. There is an arrangement of 39 automobiles in the shape of the famous British landmark, created by Jum Reinders, who amusingly replied when asked about the creation, “It took a lot of blood, sweat, and beers”.

Facts about Nebraska car henge

10. Initially named “Old Glory Blowout”, later changed to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show was formed in the small town of North Platte, Nebraska.

11. One of the stranger, and certainly more confusing facts about Nebraska is that it is home to a lighthouse, that’s right, the completely landlocked state, located nowhere near the ocean somehow has a lighthouse residing in it. Located in Ashland, Nebraska, and constructed over 75 years ago, the lighthouse overlooks a 40-acre lake.

Economic State of Nebraska Facts

There is a lot to be said about the business climate and economic strength of Nebraska, although not being a notably big state in population when compared with some of the other states, and not having the business reputation that a state like Texas may posses, Nebraska’s economy remains healthy and consistent.

Nebraska has a comparatively strong economy, especially when you consider aspects of the state like its small population and other limiting factors. This section was created to highlight the progression of Nebraska’s economy over the last few years, with the natural environment, limitless resources, incredible education system, becoming huge factors in building an already stable economy.

Let’s check out the economic state of Nebraska facts

  • Nebraska’s GDP is approximately $120 billion.
  • Nebraska has a progressive income tax system, with income tax rates varying between 2.46%, 3.51%, 5.01%, and 6.84%.
  • Nebraska’s state sales tax rate is 5.5%.
  • Nebraska has ended up 10th out of all 50 states for its employment rate (US News & World Report).
  • Nebraska ranked 7th for its energy infrastructure (US News & World Report).
  • Affordability is a metric that many people consider when moving anywhere, for business, or personal reasons. You need to find a place to live with a cost of living comparative or lower than the amount of income you make, and Nebraska is the perfect place for it. With an average income of $30,915, minimal expenses, and a low cost of living, the Cornhusker State might be right up your alley.
  • Out of all 50 states, the US News & World Report has named Nebraska 12th for internet access, which may sound like an amusing rank, however, it is vastly important, for business and education!
  • The national average for renewable energy usage is only 10%, whereas Nebraska’s is 18.6%, which indicates the green direction the state has already begun following.
  • Probably due to the lack of population when compared with the size of the state, Nebraska’s industrial toxin releases from cars and other motor vehicles is 215 pounds per square mile, whereas the United States average is 1,015 square miles!
  • Wallethub has ranked Nebraska 12th in its economic health rank.
  • Over 42% of the state’s population are college-educated.
  • The average house price in Nebraska is $189,139. This is frequently adjusted and you can see the latest on Zillow’s website.
  • There are over 179,000 small businesses in Nebraska.
  • The minimum wage in Nebraska is $7.25 per hour.
  • Small businesses make up over 99% of Nebraska’s total businesses.
  • There are over 412,000 small business employees in Nebraska.
  • Over 49% of state employees work for small businesses.
  • There are over 10,000 self-employed minorities.
  • Nebraska has more than 1,488 small business exporters.

Here are some awesome facts about Nebraska you probably didn’t know

12. During 1922, in Lincoln County the remains of a Columbian Mammoth were found, however, these were not normal fossils, they indicated that this Mammoth was the largest of any that they have yet discovered in the world. The Mammoth fossil can be found in the University Nebraska State Museum.

13. If you look into it, most states have, for one reason or another, adopted some questionable, and outright bizarre laws over the years. Nebraska is certainly no different, with one lawmaker claiming that donut holes were a waste of time, and he actually believed that donut bakers were trying to make an undue profit from the tasty treats!

Facts about Nebraska donuts

14. The maximum speed at which you can legally drive in Nebraska is 75 MPH, you must bear in mind, however, that this speed can only be achieved on certain roads.

15. Nebraska has found itself in the bottom third of the country’s most populated states. With a total state population of a little over 1.8 million, you can see why. There are 4 U.S. cities boasting higher populations than the entire state of Nebraska, with Houston, Texas being one of them.

16. The 911 number and system for emergency calls and communications, which is a national sign nowadays, was originally developed and used for the first time in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Thank you for checking out our list of 16 interesting facts about Nebraska, and the economic and business highlights. If there is anything we missed or you would like to point out on this page, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment. Feel free to share with friends, family, and colleagues!

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