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Visiting Arizona for the first time? Maybe you are planning a move to the Grand Canyon State or have just relocated?

There is a lot to look forward to, including some incredibly famous landmarks, natural attractions, vibrant cities, and consistently good weather.

Yes, there is much to take in on a trip to Arizona or if you have just moved there, but one of the things that you absolutely need to be aware of is the speed limit in Arizona and the various speeds you can travel on different roads in Arizona.

Knowledge of the different Arizona speed limits is especially important if you plan to do some driving, whether in the cities, on the highways, or in any of the rural communities. That is because speeding in Arizona, like most places in the U.S., can and most likely will attract hefty penalties and fines.

You can be slapped with a speeding ticket, for example, as well as have your license suspended due to an accumulation of points.

Speed Limit in Arizona

Knowledge of the correct speed limits in Arizona is not only about avoiding punishment. It is also about driving safely on the roads to prevent accidents. Driving within the speed limit helps reduce the possibility of crashes and promotes efficient use of the road.

Traffic laws, including speed limits and other motor vehicle-related laws, are established by the Arizona Department of Transportation. The different speed limits in Arizona indicate the fastest speeds you are legally allowed to drive when the conditions are good – that is when driving in fair weather and with good visibility.

Of course, a specific speed limit in Arizona does not necessarily mean you have to drive at that exact rate all the time. You still need to assess the road conditions and surrounding environment to determine the best speed at which to drive that is still within the prescribed speed limit.

Different speed limits are implemented based on several factors, including population density and type of road. For each community and highway, the speed limits are often posted on prominent signs along the roadway.

What are the Arizona speed limits?

Arizona traffic laws define the maximum speed at which any motorist traveling on Arizona roads can legally drive. Driving over the Arizona speed limit can and will most likely result in a traffic citation, speeding ticket, license suspension, or even arrest. Arizona as a state has one of the highest maximum speed limits in the country, with only 4 states maximum speed limits being higher than the Arizona speed limit of 75 mph.

There is no trick on how the speed limit in Arizona works, what you see is what you get, quite literally! So, if you are driving through a residential area with a speed limit of 25 mph, you must drive at 25 mph or less and if you exceed this, the likelihood is, you will be slapped with a fine and run the risk points being added to your record.

The various Arizona speed limits include

  • 15 mph in school zones, unless there is no school (holidays, etc.), half an hour after school ends, half an hour before school starts, if the school has a speed limit beacon and the lights aren’t flashing.
  • 25 mph is the maximum speed limit in residential areas.
  • 65 mph is the maximum speed limit on urban freeways.
  • 65 mph is the maximum speed limit on divided roads.
  • 65 mph is the maximum speed limit on undivided roads.
  • 75 mph is Arizona’s highest speed limit and you can only drive at this speed on rural freeways, this speed limit also applies to trucks driving on rural freeways.

When driving through residential areas, something to be aware of is schools, hospitals, and construction zones as these areas often have temporarily lowered speed limits and enforce these limits very strictly. You don’t want to receive a hefty fine for not being aware of this.

Arizona Speed Limit Tickets and Points System

Arizona speed limit tickets and fines vary greatly, this is because the state itself consists of a few large cities, such as Pheonix and Tuscon, however, there are many small towns with tiny populations in comparison, therefore the Arizona traffic fines and tickets do differ depending on where you are driving within the state.

With this in mind, the cost of the ticket you may receive for surpassing the legal speed limit in Arizona will vary from court to court, and there does not seem to be a specific pattern or average for the price of the ticket in comparison to the driving offense. The best thing to do is not take the risk, and certainly do not leave it in the hands of someone else to penalize you for driving too fast.

If you receive any speeding-related ticket in Arizona, you will have points added to your record too, and this time, there is more of a system put into place. It is pretty simple, the more you speed over the limit, the more points will be added to your record. Traffic tickets in Arizona are split into two different categories, civil and criminal. Civil violations are typically moving violations, such as:

  • Speeding – 3 points added to your license.
  • Failure to stop for a sign or traffic signal, or give the right of way – 4 points added to your license.
  • Driving over/parking in a gore area – 3 points added to your license.
  • Following another vehicle too closely – 2 points added to your license.

You might ask yourself, “what is a gore area” if it has been a while since you studied up on the Arizona driving laws. The Gore area is the space between a through roadway and an entrance or exit ramp – that triangular area of the road just as you are getting on to a highway from an onramp. Don’t drive across it!

Here are the number of points you will receive for criminal misdemeanors

  • Driving under the influence – 8 points added, immediate license suspension, jail time of no less than 10 days, community service, and a fine of at least $1,250.
  • Extreme Driving under the influence – 8 points, with immediate license revocation, jail time of no less than 90 days, community service, and a fine of at least $3,000.
  • Reckless driving – 8 points and possible license suspension.
  • Aggressive driving – 8 points and a 30-day license suspension.
  • Hit-and-run – 6 points and immediate license revocation.
  • Any moving violation resulting in death – 6 points, license revocation for 3 years, and possible jail time.

When visiting or relocating your family to Arizona, it is normal to have your mind focused on fun things to do. Knowledge of the Arizona speed limits – and adhering to them – will ensure your time is well spent and minimize the chance of you being fined or getting into an accident.

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