Arizona state seal

What is Arizona’s State Seal?

A few years after the nation declared its official independence, many things within the United States started to change, and a new historical chapter began …

How to get an EIN number in Arizona

How to get an EIN Number in Arizona

Have you recently registered a company in Arizona? Are you thinking of forming a new company in Arizona? If so, once you have registered it the next step is to obtain your Arizona EIN number. Here’s how to get an EIN number in Arizona.

Speed Limit in Arizona

Speed Limit in Arizona

Visiting Arizona for the first time? Maybe you are planning a move to the Grand Canyon State or have just relocated? There is a lot …

Arizona State Minimum Wage

The Arizona state minimum wage increased by $1.05 in January 2023, from $12.80 (2022) to $13.85 per hour in 2023. This represents an 8.2% increase …

Interesting Facts About Arizona

Facts About Arizona

Arizona is a contiguous state located in the southwestern region of the United States, bordering a total of 4 other US states, California to the …