As it stands, there has been no change to the standard Pennsylvania minimum wage in 2021. Much the same as previous years, the minimum wage in Pennsylvania has remained the same as the federal minimum wage ($7.25 per hour), for the most part.

However, the Pennsylvania minimum wage is unique compared with most due to there being a different minimum wage rate for those working under Government Jurisdiction. For those exempt from the standard state minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour, the minimum wage you are eligible to be paid in 2021 is $13.50 per hour.

Did the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Go Up?

The short answer is yes, it did go up in 2021, from $12.50 per hour, in 2020 to $13.50 in 2021, although, this minimum wage is only eligible for those commonwealth employees under the governor’s jurisdiction. So, the minimum wage rate for the rest (and majority) of Pennsylvania is still only$7.25.

Because the majority of Pennsylvania employees are not employed under the governor’s jurisdiction, the graphic below highlights the Pennsylvania minimum wage over the past several years for non-commonwealth employees. The minimum wage did not go up in 2021 from $7.25 per hour (in 2020), remaining the exact same in 2021.

Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2021

The Pennsylvania minimum wage has not increased since 2009 for employees exempt from the Government ruling. There were talks of an increase to the minimum wage in 2020, seeing the wage rise from $7.25 to $8.50 per hour. Although, this subsequently fell through and there are yet to be talks of another increase.

Pennsylvania would have become the 30th state to have a minimum wage higher than the federal wage of $7.25. If all went to plan, the minimum wage was also set to be increasing in January 2021, however, this has not come to fruition.

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The Pennsylvania minimum wage 2021 may-be $7.25 per hour, however, there are some exceptions to the minimum wage law depending on your employment situation.

  • For tipped employees earning $30 or more per month in tips, they can be paid a PA min wage of $2.83 per hour. This amount plus tips must equal the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, otherwise, the employer must make up the difference.
  • Full-time students who work for 20 hours or less can be paid 85% of the PA min wage.
  • Labor workers on a farm are exempt from the minimum wage.
  • Golf Caddies do not have to be paid the minimum wage rate in Pennsylvania.
  • Educational, charitable, religious, or nonprofit organization where no employer-employee relationship exists and service is rendered gratuitously.

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PA Min Wage History

The table below provides the history of Pennsylvania’s minimum wage over the years since 2008. You can see when there were increases in the minimum wage, how much they were, and what percentage increase it represents.

StateWageYear$ Wage Increase% Increase
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2022$9.502022$0.505.5%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2021$9.002021
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2021$8.502021$0.506.25%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2020$8.002020
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2020$7.252020$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2019$7.252019$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2018$7.252018$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2017$7.252017$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2016$7.252016$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2015$7.252015$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2014$7.252014$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2013$7.252013$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2012$7.252012$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2011$7.252011$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2010$7.252010$00%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2009$7.252009$0.101.4%
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2008$7.152008$00%