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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S. that hire over 6.1 million employees!

With more and more like-minded entrepreneurs, the US is becoming a global hub for small, independent, and online businesses, and finding coworking space is becoming more of a necessity than ever before.

If you are looking for coworking space, please fill in the form below, and one of our select partners will contact you and provide relevant information on the size and cost of spaces available in your area. Please select the state and the city/town you would like your office space to be in so you can be presented with the most appropriate space for your needs.

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Finding coworking space in the USA has never been easier. Years ago, startups and small businesses would have to go through a long and strenuous process to find the right space for themselves and their team and would either have to lease a much larger office than they needed or find a landlord that was prepared to sublease smaller, more suitable office space to them.

It was a big gamble because most of the time, you had to rent space much larger than you needed which not only meant you had to pay higher rent than normal, you may not have even fully used the space several years later if you hadn’t expanded enough.

Coworking space for Wework in the USA

For startups and solo entrepreneurs, predicting your future office needs is difficult, and at the end of the day, you just want space that is adequate for your current and future needs without shelling out extortionate amounts of rent each month, especially while you are trying to grow your business.

Other benefits of coworking space include shared wifi, communal spaces, coffee-making facilities, a bar (maybe!), and access to other technology you would otherwise have to purchase or rent, like printers and photocopiers.

Coworking USA

Currently, it has never been easier to find affordable, quality, and beautifully designed coworking office space. There is an abundance of shared coworking spaces that are available for solo entrepreneurs, aspiring or rising artists, startups, small companies, and even large companies. The choices are endless and coworking spaces can scale with your needs.

Coworking Space Companies

Whatever your reason for needing to find coworking space companies, whether it be for a day, week, month, year, or just to hold conference room meetings as and when required, you will discover what you are looking for by seeing the choices offered from these coworking space companies.


WeWork offers quality offices and coworking space in over 34 different US cities and in other countries around the world. WeWork offers affordable office space plans tailored to your business and its unique requirements. WeWork was established in 2010, and since then has become one of the most professional and highly rated companies with a reputation of satisfying the needs and requirements of their customers. WeWork is an ideal environment for young, thriving companies where personnel can engage in developing long-term relationships with other entrepreneurial spirited professionals. It provides an educational network and sounding board for ideas and concepts and puts several professionals from different verticals in one place.

Number of WeWork Users

Since taking off in 2010, WeWork has become one of the world’s leading coworking space companies. The number of WeWork users has grown rapidly over the past several years and with that, the company’s flexible office space has gained popularity. This graph indicates the number of WeWork users since the company’s inception.


Regus offers amazing, affordable and professional coworking space, virtual offices, private offices, and meeting rooms to its customers with over 587 locations across the US, it helps out many fast-growing small businesses, large businesses, and entrepreneurs find office space in prime locations throughout the U.S. and the world. You can pay as you go with Regus or reserve space for weeks, months or years!

Regus coworking space in the USA

By locating yourself and your company in a Regus office, you are situating yourself in an office building with multiple, diverse tenants, giving you exposure to several benefits. Employees in spaces such as these tend to be happier. Findings from a survey discussed in the Harvard Business Review found that workers felt that they can be their authentic selves, find more meaning in their work, and benefit from having more autonomy and being part of a community.  Multi-tenant spaces are trendy and have a “cool factor” – this provides companies with a leg-up in trying to hire new talent. They provide companies and professionals with exposure to innovative thinking and problem solvers. Most coworking space comes fully-furnished with desks and chairs, free WiFi, utilities and taxes, a mail receiving service, and 24/7 secured access.

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