The Best Coworking Spaces for Artists and Creatives

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Coworking spaces are rising in popularity around the world, and with more and more people working remotely, the trend is only going to continue.

For some occupations, it can be pretty difficult to find a coworking space that is perfect for you, an example of this would be coworking spaces for artists and creatives.

Coworking space for artists

Fortunately, artists and creatives are now being provided with their very own coworking spaces that have been perfectly tailored for their creative interests.

When trying to find a coworking space perfect for an artist, there are several considerations that must be looked at.

What Should Artists Look for in Coworking Space

There are clearly many advantages to using serviced offices for any type of industry. However, the office space for artists and other creatives must stand out and benefit those people in unique ways.

Bright and Energetic Workspace

A coworking space that is bright and high-energy will certainly help people ignite their creative spark.

Relaxed and creative environments with great design are perfect for artists, not to mention, that a good location is incredibly important too.

Helpful Community

When working alongside people it is important that you all share similar interests and thoughts when it comes to your work and projects.

Additionally, building useful relationships with fellow workers is brilliant for inspiration and self-growth within your industry.

Feedback is crucial, especially if you are working freelance, which would usually mean not many people or no one at all is looking at your work before it is finalized.

Space and Equipment

Your coworking space must have the right amount of space and access to equipment for you to be as creative as possible, right?

Coworking space for artists

Physical space is vital for a productive working session. Table space, shelves, and equipment are vital in achieving this.

In addition to space and equipment, access to natural lighting as well as good indoor lighting has never been so important either.

No Distractions

Equally as important as it is to have other like-minded workers working alongside you and offering help and support, it is as important to ensure that you do not have any distractions when you don’t need them.

When the time comes to knuckle down and work in peace without any noise or other distractions you will need a coworking space that allows you to do so.

Best U.S. Coworking Spaces for Artists

Now that we have discussed what you need to look for in a coworking space for artists, it makes sense to look at the best coworking spaces in the U.S.

Radiant Hall

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, the Radiant Hall is a non-profit foundation who have created three different studio and artist spaces throughout the Pennsylvania city.

Beginning in 2012, founder Ryan Lammie was looking for some studio space for himself, once he had found it, he began inviting just a few friends until the word got out, and soon enough it became one of the best artist spaces in the entire state.

They now have offices in multiple locations in Pennsylvania in Nova Place (Central North Side), Radiant Hall (Lawrenceville), and Susquehanna (Homewood). All locations provide communal, semi-private, and private art studios for their guests and artists. The open plan nature of the complexes encourages more communal and collaborative work.

There are some incredible features you will have access to when using Radiant Hall, in addition to the coworking space itself:

  • 24-hour access.
  • Usage of all utilities.
  • Free and powerful Wifi.
  • Video surveillance 24 hours.
  • Kitchenette access.
  • Shared usage of tools, supplies, and equipment.

Members of this coworking facility are offered an online artist profile on the website, studio tours, 1 on 1 critique with artists, curators, and critics, and an artist spotlight in their newsletter.

Smart Space Studios

Based in New York City, NY, in the home of art and culture, you will find the smart space studios. Victoria Mile, an advertising executive created something incredibly special after she was getting fed up with the lack of affordable creative space in New York.

She launched her very own smart studio spaces in October 2016 as affordable and creative coworking spaces for artists situated in the heart of Manhattan. The location is at 1178 Broadway, and you will be offered a 24-hour space with storage, use of common areas, lockers, and drying racks.

Coworking space for artists

They offer a basic monthly membership ranging from $450 to $650 depending on the benefits you are looking for. Also offered are weekend memberships at a much cheaper rate to part-time workers or side-hustlers, and those that take art as a hobby.


Artspace is one of the latest art co-working space companies to take the industry by storm. It is a nonprofit organization that specializes in artist studios, centers, coworking spaces and facilities, and live/work apartments for artists and their families. It is truly a unique concept that creates, fosters, and preserves affordable and sustainable spaces for artists and arts organizations.

There are currently 57 properties in operation around the United States, spread out in more than 15 different states, covering both the west and east coast with the addition of some central states.

You can find coworking spaces for artists and creatives that span from strictly working spaces only, to apartments that combine working and living space under one roof in states such as Arizona, California, Washington DC, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Washington State, and more.

What is an Artist Live Workspace?

An artist live work space is something unique that allows an artist to live and work in the same space, but with the appropriate artist’s studio incorporated into the living space.

Of course, many people now work from a home office. In the traditional sense, this is usually a spare bedroom that has a desk in it that has been converted to serve as a home office.

In many cases, it might just be a part of your living room or bedroom if you don’t have that much space, but live work space for artists is different, and Artspace might just have a space for you!

Final Thoughts

As an artist and creative, it can be difficult to find the right working space for you and your niche requirements. Many people prefer to work individually, or in small groups of like-minded people, and need to do so in a space that is adequate and appropriate for the work being performed. Fortunately, the coworking spaces discussed above work well for all different kinds of artists as they allow you to choose whichever way of working suits you the best.

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