Why is Alaska Called the Last Frontier?

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Alaska was the second to last state to enter the union, becoming the 49th official U.S. state. Since then, Alaska adopted a unique and noteworthy nickname of the “Last Frontier”. This nickname of Alaskas is the one and only official nickname for the state, since its inception.

Why is Alaska the Last Frontier State

The Alaska nickname was derived from the huge expansive areas of land that have never been charted correctly, mapped, or even explored by humans.

Many believe the last frontier was adopted for those who wished to create a new life or start a new business utilizing and leveraging all of the game, mineral deposits, and timber widely available in Alaska.

For anyone seeking out new and unique opportunities, Alaska is the perfect place to unlock those if you’re willing to take a gamble.

The state is full of resources that you perhaps wouldn’t typically be exposed to in most other states, which can result in serious wealth and opportunities. The government of Alaska encourages this, too, issuing homestead rights, mining claims, and other forms of aid to those who are willing to roll the dice and bring industry to the state.

Why is Alaska the Last Frontier?

Alaska is well known for having one of, if not the harshest environments in the United States, which makes yearly explorations difficult and, on occasion, impossible. This has played a giant role in Alaska being nicknamed the last frontier.

The majority of places in the world have been explored extensively and then settled, which is the reason why we have so many towns and cities across the globe.

There are, however, many different locations that are considered to be remote, meaning that you can only typically access them via boat or plane. This is why the majority of the exploration in Alaska is uncompleted and another reason for the adoption of the nickname.

A consistently harsh climate also makes it tough to provide food supplies to locals, making the cost of living in Alaska comparatively high.

Alaska is, without a doubt, the furthest U.S. state from what we call civilization. This is due to regular things and conveniences that people expect from day-to-day life being much more difficult to obtain.

This results in incredibly expensive prices on vegetables, fruits, fuel, and many other essential goods. For many Americans visiting Alaska, it often feels like a completely different world, being so far away from the usual comforts of home and expectations.

Alaska last frontier state

Many explorers that have taken on Alaska have described the feeling of discovery as almost mirroring what the historical adventurers and explorers saw and felt when finding new, untouched places. People who step into and see what no other has certainly justified why Alaska has been called the last frontier for such a long time.

To this day, there have only been 160,000 acres of Alaska explored, which may sound like a lot. However, when you consider that Alaska consists of 365 million acres, this only equates to around 1/20th of 1% of the entire state. So, essentially, less than 1% of the state has been explored!

So much is still unknown to us about the Last Frontier, which is what makes it such a unique and magical land.

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