Speed Limits in Georgia

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Speed limits are probably the last thing that comes to mind when traveling to an interesting place such as the U.S. state of Georgia. But the state’s traffic authority sets out clear guidelines that must be followed in order to avoid getting a traffic ticket or, worse, jail time.

If you are moving to Georgia from another state, visiting or relocating from another country, or simply driving through the state, understanding the speed limits in Georgia is useful knowledge to have.

Speed Limits in Georgia

Types of Speed Limits in Georgia

There are two main types of speed limits to keep in mind when driving in Georgia

  • Basic speed limit.
  • Absolute speed limit.

The basic speed limit is not a definite number. Instead, it requires you to drive at a pace that observes environmental conditions and hazards, regardless of the stipulated speed limits. For example, if you are driving under poor light or wet conditions on a 65 mph roadway, you may be required to drive at a much slower speed to not be in breach of the basic speeding law.

Absolute speed limits are the ones displayed on signposts along the roadway. You are expected to observe these speed limits while driving under normal circumstances and conditions.

What are the Georgia Speed Limits to be aware of?

  • 20 mph for school zones.
  • 30 mph for roads in urban and residential communities.
  • 35 mph on unpaved country roads.
  • 65 mph on sections of physically divided highways.
  • 70 mph on interstate rural highways.
  • 55 mph on all other roadways.

As you can see, the maximum speed limit you can drive in Georgia is 70 mph on some rural highways. Considering that Georgia has several interstate highways connecting various parts of the state, you will probably spend a lot of time on such roads if you are commuting or driving through the state.

In Atlanta, for instance, you are likely to encounter any of the main six interstate highways that are commonly used to get in and around the city. These are:

  • I-285 (the perimeter highway around Atlanta)
  • I-20 (an east-west connecting route)
  • I-75 (interstate highway passing through northwest Georgia)
  • I-575 (a highway connecting the I-75 with northern Georgia counties)
  • I-675 (a shortcut route connecting the I-285 with the I-75 south of Atlanta)
  • I-85 (a north-south connecting route)

These highways don’t all have the same Georgia speed limits. They typically range from 55 to 70 mph, depending on whether it is a rural or urban freeway or divided/undivided roadway. With that said, in places where the Georgia speed limits are not well-defined, you should observe a 55 mph speed limit by default – as long as conditions are good for driving, that is. The Georgia Department of Transportation has introduced variable speed limits, which change due to various different factors, weather conditions, type of road, and traffic variables.

Penalties for breaching Georgia speed limit laws

If you are caught traveling faster than the absolute or basic speed limit of any road in Georgia, you can face anything from a warning up to, and including, imprisonment for up to 12 months.

You can also gain demerit points on your license or even have it revoked, depending on the severity of the violation.

Georgia Speeding Ticket PointsTotal Points
Aggressive Driving6 Points
Reckless Driving4 Points
Unlawful Passing School Bus6 Points
Improper Passing on Hill or Curve4 Points
15 to 18 mph over the speed limit2 Points
19 to 23 mph over the speed limit3 Points
24 to 33 mph over the speed limit4 Points
34 mph or more over the speed limit6 Points

Here is a basic guide to Georgia speeding tickets

  • A warning for exceeding the limit by five mph or less.
  • $25 fine if the speed limit is exceeded by 6 – 10 mph.
  • $100 fine if exceeded by 11 – 14 mph.
  • $125 fine if exceeded by 15 – 18 mph.
  • $150 fine if exceeded by 19 – 23 mph.
  • $500 fine if exceeded by 24 – 33 mph.

There is also a “super speeder” fee of $200, charged in addition to the fine if you are caught traveling 75 mph on two-lane roadways or 85 mph on any other road or highway in Georgia.

It is clear that road safety is of great importance to the people of Georgia. You can play your part by knowing and observing the specified speed limits in the state of Georgia.

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