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State abbreviations are often required when mailing items, filling out forms, searching for properties or people on the internet, or ordering things online, needing to fill in postal addresses. Learning the US state abbreviations is extremely useful and important for those living or doing business in the United States.

The US is made up of 50 states, all with their own unique two-letter postal abbreviation. It can be an arduous task trying to memorize all 50 of them, especially as many states share similar lettering. This page will help you familiarize yourself with the Oregon state abbreviation.

OR State Abbreviation

It is important to not confuse a two letter postal abbreviation with a postal code, or zip code when filling out mailing addresses. Although they are part of the address, zip and postal codes are a different thing entirely.

The Oregon state abbreviation is made up of the first and second letters of the name, an easy one to remember and use when needed as it reads as: “OR”. There are going to be situations in the future that require you to remember and use the OR state abbreviation. Another state abbreviation that begins with an “O” is the Oklahoma state abbreviation.

OR State Abbreviation

There isn’t just one two-letter postal abbreviation per state, there’s also a longer abbreviation for each individual state. Regular state abbreviations came out in the 1960s, however, many were three or four letters in length and it was decided they would be too long to include on envelopes and packages as addressing equipment couldn’t accommodate these longer, traditional state abbreviations in addition to zip codes.

The Oregon traditional abbreviation is easy to memorize compared to others as it is just the first four letters of the word Oregon with the addition of a period on the end – referenced as follows: “Oreg.”.

Oregon is becoming increasingly popular, not only with tourists but with people moving to the state for work, business opportunities, to be nearer family, or to simply embrace the plethora of natural wonders, great food, and quirky attractions.

People use state abbreviations all the time in everyday life and in business, and it is important to know the OR state abbreviation (two-letter), as well as those of other states since the chance of you needing to memorize many of them, is quite high.

Check out our US State Initials table where you can see each state‘s unique two letter abbreviations and regular abbreviations next to the state names, including the Oregon postal abbreviation. The table is organized alphabetically for your convenience and is also downloadable.

US State Initials


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