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New York first began to adopt its own official state symbols in 1882. Many more have been adopted since then, and a state symbol can come in the form of state animals, mammals, a state bird and flower, fruits, vegetables, amphibians, nicknames, state seals, and much more.

State symbols were adopted by states to best represent them and their historical roots, and past and present successes. Like all other states, there are many New York state symbols that epitomize the state.

State Insect of New York

The New York state insect is the nine-spotted ladybug (coccinella novemnotata). Ladybugs are beautiful yet very unusual insects, there are an estimated 450 different species residing in the United States alone.

The endangered nine-spotted ladybug has been the state insect of New York since 1989, and it isn’t only New York that has adopted this specific bug as its state symbol, Delaware, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Ohio, and North Dakota all use the nine-spotted ladybug as their official state insect.

The nine-spotted ladybug is native to the United States and can be found all across the nation and in southern Canada. Until the 1980s, these ladybugs were considered to be the most common in the northeastern United States, unfortunately, after this, the numbers began declining quickly.

Many believe their population decline was due to habitat destruction. Nowadays, they are extremely rare to find and are unfortunately close to extinction.

New York state insect

Over the years, these insects have provided much help to farmers and agricultural workers by eating small insects, parasites, and other harmful pests that damage plants and produce. On average, ladybugs will eat up to 60 aphids (small sap-sucking insects) per day, along with an abundance of other harmful insects and larvae.

A Cornell University entomologist currently leads the “Lost Ladybug Project“, which is a project funded by the National Science Foundation. The project consists of recruiting volunteer scientists, mainly school children, to search for these rare nine-spotted ladybugs and other ladybug species. Once found, photos must be sent to Cornell University for identification and data collection purposes.

New York State Insect Coloring Page

The nine-spotted ladybug is symbolic and unique to the state of New York, making it a brilliant way of teaching about the state’s historical relationship with the insect.

For children, and adults out there with a passion for coloring and learning about various symbols, you will love our downloadable New York state insect coloring page. Further down the page, you will find a multi-image coloring page for the nine-spotted ladybug if you need more than one or a smaller size.


The image below is a smaller version of the downloadable coloring page, but feel free to also download this if you like.

New York state insect coloring page

Small and Multi-Image Ladybug Coloring Page

The downloadable coloring page does not just come in one size, in fact, we have a multi-image coloring page that consists of four smaller images of the famous insect for your coloring pleasure.


The image below is a smaller version of the downloadable multi-image New York state insect coloring page, feel free to download this too.

New York state insect

If you do not have a printer available to you, there are several places you can visit to print off these coloring pages; your local library, copy and print stores, shipping stores, postal offices, and even retail stores or your local pharmacy.

Final Thoughts

Most states will have their symbols showcase a relevant story, that is indicative of the state and its history, and the Empire State puts its history and what it stands for across very well in the New York state insect.

This interesting fact about New York and a whole host of others is what makes the state so unique and fascinating to those that live there or are researching the historical events of the state.

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