What is the Seal of the State of Illinois?

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Some years after the nation of the U.S. declared its official independence, many things began to change, and a new historical chapter started to commence in the United States.

During 1782, and more specifically on the 20th of June, the nation’s state seal was initially created, and officially adopted by the Continental Congress of America. The Great Seal of the United States was used (and still is used) as the symbol of sovereignty as a nation.

Shortly after this, states began to adopt their own official state seals, mottos, nicknames, and much more, which are all used to symbolize and represent the uniqueness of each state that make up the great nation.

Shortly after this, states began adopting their own official state seals, mottos, nicknames, and much more. These, as well as a plethora of Illinois state symbols that have been adopted by the state are used to symbolize and represent the uniqueness of each state that resides within the nation. Below you will see the official Illinois state seal.

Illinois state seal

So, what is the state seal meaning? The current Illinois state seal was authorized in 1867, which is a number of years after the state was granted statehood back in 1818. The official Illinois state seal contains a bald eagle holding up a banner in its beak that states the official state motto, “State Sovereignty, National Union”.

Picture of the Illinois State Seal

The words that are circled around the state seal say “Seal of the State of Illinois” and “Aug. 26, 1818,”, which is obviously stating the official name of the state seal, and also the date in which the first Illinois Constitution was signed, which led to the state becoming the Illinois we know today.

Illinois state flag

You can also find the state seal for Illinois being displayed on the official state of Illinois flag (it is common to see state seals displayed on a state flag). Most states will have their seals showcase a relevant story, that is indicative of the state and its history, and the Prairie State is certainly no different.

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