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On September 30, 2022, the minimum wage in Florida increased from $10.00 (2021) to $11.00 per hour. This makes the Florida minimum wage in 2022 higher than the current federal wage by $3.75 per hour.

The Florida minimum wage increase over the past several years has been gradual when compared with other states, however, it has been increasing consistently since 2016.

In 2022 it rose to $11.00 which is $1.00 more per hour than what it was previously, and a healthy 10% increase! This new rate is also applicable in the 2023 calendar year.

In November 2020, Florida voters approved Amendment 2 which eventually increases Florida’s minimum hourly wage to $15.00 per hour. The new law amends Florida’s constitution to gradually increase the state’s minimum wage by $1.00 per hour through 2026 until it reaches $15.00 per hour.

Are you interested in the history of the minimum wage in Florida?

We have created a bar graph showing you the minimum wage each year and also a convenient PDF you can download. It is located at the bottom of this page.

Did the Florida Minimum Wage Go Up in 2022?

The graphic below highlights the Florida minimum wage over the past several years. The minimum wage did go up in 2022 (9/30/22), with the prior Florida minimum wage in 2021 increasing by $1.35 to $10.00. So, from September 2022 through September 2023, the rate will remain at $11.00 per hour.

Florida Minimum Wage 2022 and 2023

Effective September 30, 2022, the Florida minimum wage rate increased from $10.00 per hour to $11.00 per hour. The increase is calculated by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and is based on the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for the South Region, and the FL minimum wage is recalculated on September 30th each year.

This 2022 change means tipped Florida minimum wage workers must be paid $7.98 per hour and earn at least $3.02 in tip credits for their employers to abide legally by the minimum wage increase. If you would like more information on Florida Labor Laws, please visit the Department of Labor website.

When it comes to the cities in Florida, there are no special minimum wage rates except for certain employees depending on their line of work. Find out more about the Orlando minimum wage or the Fort Lauderdale minimum wage by taking a look at our dedicated pages.

What Should Employer Do?

By no later than September 30th, Florida employers need to increase hourly pay for their employees in accordance with Florida’s latest minimum wage increase.

Employers also need to comply with posting requirements in the workplace. Florida businesses must display Federal and State of Florida employment law posters where they can be easily viewed by employees. You can view and download the Florida minimum wage poster for 2022-2023 here at no charge.

Florida Minimum Wage Increase Schedule

Florida had the first increase in its minimum wage per the state’s 2020 constitutional amendment on September 30, 2022. The second increase is set for September 30, 2023, where it will go from $11.00 per hour to $12.00 per hour. This voter-approved amendment will continue to increase in future years as follows:

  • September 30, 2023: $12 per hour
  • September 30, 2024: $13 per hour
  • September 30, 2025: $14 per hour
  • September 30, 2026: $15.00 per hour
  • Beyond 2026: Inflation-linked increases

Florida Minimum Wage History

The table below provides the history of Florida’s minimum wage over the years since 1983. You can see when there were increases in the minimum wage, how much they were, and what percentage increase it represents each year.

StateMinimum WageYear$ Wage Increase% Increase
Florida Minimum Wage 2023-2024$12.002023-2024$1.009%
Florida Minimum Wage 2022-2023$11.002022-2023$1.0010%
Florida Minimum Wage 2022$10.002022$1.3515.6%
Florida Minimum Wage 2021$8.652021$0.091.05%
Florida Minimum Wage 2020$8.562020$0.101.2%
Florida Minimum Wage 2019$8.462019$0.212.5%
Florida Minimum Wage 2018$8.252018$0.151.8%
Florida Minimum Wage 2017$8.102017$0.050.6%
Florida Minimum Wage 2016$8.052016$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2015$8.052015$0.121.5%
Florida Minimum Wage 2014$7.932014$0.141.8%
Florida Minimum Wage 2013$7.792013$0.121.6%
Florida Minimum Wage 2012$7.672012$0.364.9%
Florida Minimum Wage 2011$7.312011$0.060.82%
Florida Minimum Wage 2010$7.252010$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2009$7.252009$0.466.8%
Florida Minimum Wage 2008$6.792008$0.121.8%
Florida Minimum Wage 2007$6.672007$0.274.22%
Florida Minimum Wage 2006$6.402006$1.2524.27%
Florida Minimum Wage 2005$5.152005$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2004$5.152004$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2003$5.152003$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2002$5.152002$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2001$5.152001$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 2000$5.152000$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1999$5.151999$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1998$5.151998$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1997$5.151997$0.408.42%
Florida Minimum Wage 1996$4.751996$0.5011.76%
Florida Minimum Wage 1995$4.251995$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1994$4.251994$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1993$4.251993$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1992$4.251992$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1991$4.251991$0.4511.84%
Florida Minimum Wage 1990$3.801990$0.4513.43%
Florida Minimum Wage 1989$3.351989$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1988$3.351988$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1987$3.351987$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1986$3.351986$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1985$3.351985$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1984$3.351984$00%
Florida Minimum Wage 1983$3.351983$00%

Florida minimum wage history for more than 10 years – downloadable PDF below

FL Minimum Wage History – Downloadable PDF

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