What are the Delaware State Symbols?

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State symbols have been around in the U.S. for many years and are a mainstay of the country’s culture since the very beginning. Official symbols are used to represent the cultural heritage and natural history of each state in the most fun and factual way possible.

Delaware is certainly no different from many other U.S. states and it has a plethora of fantastic symbols that are indicative to the state’s historical roots and geological history. There are also recognizable icons and emblems for each state, such as state seals and flags, nicknames and mottos, and much more which are all included in our Delaware state symbol list.

Delaware state symbols

State Symbols of Delaware List

There are an incredible amount of Delaware state symbols which creates a whole host of interesting facts about the state both from the past and present. We have shortlisted the top 5 most significant Delaware state symbols below and further down the page you will find a comprehensive list with each Delaware symbol and the date they were officially created and recognized.

Delaware State Animal

The Grey fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) is the official Delaware state animal and has been since 2010. Delaware’s animal can also be spelled “gray fox”, and the adoption of this animal pays homage to Delaware’s wildlife heritage and continuous efforts with environmental protection and species preservation.

Delaware state animal

Delaware State Flower

The beautiful peach blossom has been the official Delaware state flower since 1895 due to the state’s reputation for being the “peach state”, because, at the time, Delaware’s orchards housed over 800,000 peach trees! Funnily enough, Georgia’s state nickname is now “The Peach State”.

Delaware state flower

Delaware State Seal

The Delaware state seal was originally adopted on January 17, 1777, with the inscription reading “Great Seal of the State of Delaware”, which surrounds the coat of arms on the seal. The official great seal of the state of Delaware is extremely unique in design, especially when compared with other state seals.

Delaware State Insect

The ladybug has been the official state insect of Delaware since April 1974. This was due to the efforts made by Mrs. Mollie Brown-Rust and her dedicated second-grade students from the Lulu M. Ross Elementary School in Milford, Delaware!

Delaware state insect

Delaware State Tree

The American holly tree has been used to represent Delaware since 1939. There are a plethora of lush, green forests located around the state, and the American holly, also known as the Christmas Holly, is regarded as one of the most important trees of them all.

Delaware state tree

All Delaware State Symbols (Table)

Now that we have taken a look at some of the more popular and notable state symbols that are associated with the state of Delaware, it makes sense to showcase all the Delaware state symbols that are best used to represent the state’s history and more present achievements and moments. Here is the complete list of symbols and the dates they became official:

Type Of SymbolState SymbolYear
Delaware State Folk DanceSquare dance1994
Delaware State BeverageMilk1983
Delaware State BirdBlue Hen Chicken [ University of Delaware ]1939
Delaware State BugLady Bug1974
Delaware State ButterflyTiger Swallowtail (Pterourus glaucus)1974
Delaware State ColorsColonial Blue and Buff1953
Delaware State DanceMaypole dancing2016
Delaware Staet DessertPeach Pie2009
Delaware State DogGolden Retriever2016
Delaware State FlagCivil and State Flag1913
Delaware State FishWeakfish (Genus Cynoscion)1981
Delaware State Floral EmblemPeach Blossom (Prunus persica)1895
Delaware State FlowerPeach Blossom (Prunus persica)1955
Delaware State FossilBelemnite (Belemnitella americana)1996
Delaware State FruitStrawberries2010
Delaware State Great SealSeal of the State of Delaware1777
Delaware State HerbSweet Golden Rod (Solidago odora)1996
Delaware State MacroinvertebrateStonefly (Order Plecoptera)2005
Delaware State Marine AnimalHorseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus)2002
Delaware State MineralSillimanite1977
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