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The base sales tax rate in Colorado is 2.9%, but this does not universally apply to the whole state of Colorado, in fact, there are a variety of different sales tax rates depending on the county you are in. So, the way in which Colorado’s sales tax is calculated is the base rate of 2.9% tax throughout the whole state plus the additional percentage rate each county charges, equals the total Colorado sales tax rate you will pay or have to collect from your customers if you are a business.

Any retail, gas station/convenience store, or restaurant-related business you visit in Colorado should charge you the prevailing rate of the Colorado sales tax according to the county they are located in, and this also includes accommodations such as hotels and motels. While paying sales tax is mostly applicable to the sale of products, it may also apply to some service-related businesses such as hotels, taxi and limo services, sale of admissions, and charges for participation in games and amusement activities. If you are unsure whether your business should collect Colorado sales tax, you may want to visit the Colorado Department of Revenue (Taxation Division) website.

Colorado Sales Tax

Paying Colorado’s sales tax as a consumer is a seamless process that you do not need to worry too much about when doing things like visiting a restaurant or retail store, booking a hotel, or taking your car in for a service. On the other hand, as a business owner or someone looking to start a business in Colorado, it is a whole different matter.

If you are responsible for collecting sales tax from your customers, you need to know exactly what your responsibilities are, and you need to follow the rules of Colorado sales tax collection, making sure you pay the State of Colorado each month for the total amount of Colorado sales tax you collect. In some instances, this may apply to online businesses, and if you participate in the Amazon FBA program, or simply have an e-commerce business selling a large volume of products to customers in Colorado, you may be subject to sales tax collection depending on where your products are warehoused and the volume of transactions each month/year.

Colorado Sales Tax Rate

The base rate of sales tax in Colorado is 2.9%, but the average range of Colorado sales tax, including the county sales tax rate, is 2.9%-11.2%. For your convenience, we have included a table below that lists the Colorado sales tax rate for each county within the state. The table combines the base Colorado sales tax rate of 2.9% and the local county rates to give you a total tax rate for each county.

Colorado has many different counties, 64 in total. The Colorado sales tax rate for most counties is 2%, which means that most counties, when combined with the Colorado sales tax rate, charge, on average, about 4.6%-4.9% sales tax.

What you will find in the U.S., which is different from some other countries, is that when you see the price of a product such as a t-shirt in a retail store, or food on a menu in a restaurant, it is usually plus state and county sales tax.

So, when you checkout your items in a store or request the bill (check) at a restaurant, you will likely pay the price you saw on the label or on the menu + state and county sales tax. This often takes foreigners and those not used to this system by surprise because, in many other countries, the price you see is the price you pay, and the price quoted includes any sales tax or value-added tax (VAT).

Colorado Sales Tax Online

To get a basic understanding of how Colorado imposes a state sales and use tax on most products and some services purchased in the state you can make a quick calculation of the amount of Colorado sales tax online that you will pay based on the product price and sales tax rate charged within the county you are purchasing from.

So, if you are paying Boulder County sales tax, the rate would be 4.99%. A $200 product/purchase would cost you $209.98 in total.

State of Colorado Sales Tax for Businesses

There is specific terminology surrounding whether, as a business, you need to collect Colorado sales tax. This is called “Sales Tax Nexus.” It basically means, does your business have a “significant presence” in the state.

Colorado considers a seller to have sales tax nexus if you have any of the following in the state:

  • If your place of business is one of the following; an office, distributing house, salesroom, house, warehouse, or another place of business.
  • You qualify for sales tax nexus in Colorado if you have independent contractors or other representatives in Colorado soliciting business.
  • It is becoming normality for online retailers to be using Fulfillment by Amazon to sell their products. According to the Colorado nexus rules, a seller who stores items in a physical location, this includes an Amazon Fulfillment Center, must collect sales tax from Colorado buyers.
  • Since 2018, Colorado has been considering vendors who make over $100,000 in sales per year in the state qualify for economic nexus, meaning that they must collect sales tax from buyers within Colorado.

To learn exactly what the Colorado Department of Revenue – Taxation determines to be sales tax nexus in Colorado, head over to their specific web page PDF, and see what businesses this applies to and what you are expected to collect from your customers via the regulations set by Colorado.

Sales Tax in Colorado by County

The table below lists the 64 Colorado counties that charge sales tax within the state. Colorado’s sales tax is based on the base rate plus the county rate and any other special exceptions, so the rates below are indicative of the total Colorado sales tax you will pay or have to collect from your customers.

Colorado, unlike most other states, has adopted a unique way of determining its sales tax rates within the state. Most states will have a base sales tax rate, and then each county within the state will then charge additional sales tax, which added to the base state sales tax rate will equal the rate within that specific area (county or city).

However, it doesn’t work exactly like this in Colorado, the sales tax is more confusing due to Colorado sales tax being imposed at either city/county/school/transportation and SPD (special purpose district) levels. This means that the variations of Sales tax in Colorado range further than just the state sales tax and then individual county sales tax added together, there is a lot more to consider when working out what the correct sales tax is for your business within a certain area or industry within the state.

Check out the Avalara website that gives you the specific breakdown of various Colorado’s sales tax rates, not just for counties, but for cities and towns in Colorado. The rates you see below will often be higher than the flat-rate sales tax charges per county because each city and town charges more which drives up the overall Colorado sales tax based on the zip code you are located in.

Colorado Sales Tax Rates by CountyTotal Colorado Sales Tax RateColorado State Sales Tax Rate
Adams County Sales Tax4.75%2.9%
Alamosa County Sales Tax5.9%2.9%
Arapahoe County Sales Tax4.25%2.9%
Archuleta County Sales Tax6.9%2.9%
Baca County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Bent County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Boulder County Sales Tax4.99%2.9%
Broomfield County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Chaffee County Sales Tax5.65%2.9%
Cheyenne County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Clear Creek County Sales Tax4.55%2.9%
Conejos County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Costilla County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Crowley County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Custer County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Delta County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Denver County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Dolores County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Douglas County Sales Tax4.5%2.9%
Eagle County Sales Tax4.4%2.9%
El Paso County Sales Tax5.13%2.9%
Elbert County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Fremont County Sales Tax5.4%2.9%
Garfield County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Gilpin County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Grand County Sales Tax4.2%2.9%
Gunnison County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Hinsdale County Sales Tax7.9%2.9%
Huerfano County Sales Tax5.9%2.9%
Jackson County Sales Tax6.9%2.9%
Jefferson County Sales Tax4.5%2.9%
Kiowa County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Kit Carson County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
La Plata County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Lake County Sales Tax6.9%2.9%
Larimer County Sales Tax3.7%2.9%
Las Animas County Sales Tax4.4%2.9%
Lincoln County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Logan County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Mesa County Sales Tax5.27%2.9%
Mineral County Sales Tax5.5%2.9%
Moffat County Sales Tax4.9%2.9%
Montezuma County Sales Tax3.3%2.9%
Montrose County Sales Tax4.65%2.9%
Morgan County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Otero County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Ouray County Sales Tax5.45%2.9%
Park County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Phillips County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Pitkin County Sales Tax6.9%2.9%
Prowers County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Pueblo County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Rio Blanco County Sales Tax6.5%2.9%
Rio Grande County Sales Tax5.5%2.9%
Routt County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Saguache County Sales Tax5.4%2.9%
San Juan County Sales Tax9.4%2.9%
San Miguel County Sales Tax3.9%2.9%
Sedgwick County Sales Tax5.9%2.9%
Summit County Sales Tax6.382.9%
Teller County Sales Tax4.4%2.9%
Washington County Sales Tax4.4%2.9%
Weld County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%
Yuma County Sales Tax2.9%2.9%

Colorado Department of Revenue – Taxation Contact Details

Most communication with the Colorado Department of Revenue – Taxation can be conducted easily through their online services which are available 24/7, or via telephone which is possible between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 am (mountain time) Monday through to Friday (with the exception of national and state holidays). Here are the main contact methods:

Here is the main address for the Colorado Department of Revenue – Taxation:

3030 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Telephone: (303) 238-7378 (after you ring this number you will be directed to the specific Colorado sales tax section).
Website: https://www.colorado.gov/tax

Here is the mailing address for the Colorado Department of Revenue – Taxation:

U.S. Postal Service
Colorado Department of Revenue
[Section or Employee Name and Room Number]
P.O. Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087

Express Mail Delivery (DHL, FedEx, UPS and more)
Colorado Department of Revenue
[Section or Employee Name and Room Number]
1375 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203

Various online services are available 24/7 on the website, including electronically filing a return, making a payment, setting up payment plans, checking the status of a refund, or making a general inquiry on your account. To email the Colorado Dept of Revenue, visit this page and select the appropriate email address according to your specific need.

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