What Is The Wyoming State Seal?

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States like Wyoming have their own official state seal, motto, nickname, and more, which are all used to symbolize and represent the uniqueness of each state and what they stand for.

Wyoming’s official state seal was adopted in 1893 and then later revised in 1921. On the state seal itself you can see two dates, 1869 commemorates the organization of the Territorial government, and 1890 is the second date that is when Wyoming was admitted to the union, becoming the 44th official U.S. state.

There are some Roman numerals that showcase the number 44 on the five-pointed star that also shows that Wyoming was the 44th official state to be admitted. The figure in the center of the seal represents Liberty and is holding a staff from which a banner flows down displaying the words “Equal Rights”, paying homage to the equal political status woman have always had within the state of Wyoming!

Wyoming state seal

What Does The Wyoming State Seal Represent?

The two males that are displayed on the state seal represent both the livestock and mining industries within the state throughout its history. Also, the lamps that are burning on the top of the pillar display a symbol for the Light of Knowlege.

The scrolls that are wrapped around the two pillars showcase the words “Oil, Mines, Livestock, and Grain” (four of Wyoming’s major industries). These interesting facts about Wyoming and its state seal give you insight into those that founded the state and what its economic strengths and values were several hundred years ago.

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