Utah State Abbreviation

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Using state abbreviations when entering a physical address for purposes such as sending packages, cards, or documents is a requirement. When ordering things or looking up addresses online, if you live in Utah, or are searching for something in the state, knowing what the Utah state abbreviation is will come in handy.

UT State Abbreviation

The United States is made up of 50 states, all with their own unique two-letter state abbreviations; remembering all of them can be tough, especially since a lot of states have similar lettering in their names. Here’s all you need to know when it comes to the Utah state abbreviation.

The Utah state abbreviation is relatively simple and easy to remember, it is made up of the first two letters of the state’s name, “UT”.

UT State Abbreviation

Not only are there just two-letter postal abbreviations for all 50 states, but there’s also an abbreviation for each state. The regular abbreviations to states’ names came out in 1963, but many were three to four letters in length and it was decided they would be too long to include on envelopes and packages as addressing equipment couldn’t accommodate these longer state abbreviations along with each states’ zip code too.

The UT state abbreviation is the only official abbreviation associated with Utah nowadays. Utah does not have an old abbreviation, people would just refer to the state as “Utah”, or, more recently, “UT”. If you are interested in learning about the UT state abbreviation, chances are, you will be interested in finding out more information regarding the minimum wage in Utah whether you are an employer or a worker in the state. If you want to keep up to date with the Utah minimum wage, including updates and the latest increases, take a look at our page dedicated to this.

Utah is becoming increasingly popular, not just with tourism in the winter and summer months, but with people moving to the state for work, business opportunities, or even to be closer to family. According to the state statistics, Utah has the 4th highest population growth rate and by 2020, its population will go far beyond 3 million people. This increase is caused by thousands of people moving to Utah for a permanent residence as well as high birth rates. Utah is known as The Beehive State.

People use state abbreviations all the time in everyday life and business, it is important to understand the unique two-letter abbreviation representing each state in the U.S. as the probability of you needing to remember it is very high.

Check out our United States Abbreviations table where we not only show the UT state abbreviation but each state’s unique two-letter postal abbreviation and regular abbreviation. In addition to our table listing all 50 states, you will also find a convenient downloadable one-page PDF with all the US State initials listed.

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