Economic Facts About Minnesota

Minnesota is not necessarily known to be at the epicenter of America's economy, however, the state is a place where companies both large and small thrive due to its steadfast…

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23 Interesting Facts of Minnesota

The beautiful state of Minnesota is one of the north-central states and borders four other U.S. states, Wisconsin to the east, Iowa to the south, and South Dakota and North…

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How to Get an EIN Number in Minnesota

Have you recently registered a company in Minnesota? Are you thinking of forming a new company in Minnesota? If so, the next step is to obtain your Minnesota EIN number, and here's how you do that.

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Minimum Wage in Minnesota

When doing business in Minnesota as a small or large employer or someone working as an employee for a small business or large company, it is critically important to understand…

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Speed Limit in Minnesota

Speed limits are probably the last thing that comes to mind when traveling to an interesting place such as the U.S. state of Minnesota. But the state’s traffic authority sets…

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Minnesotas Nickname

Nicknames are common for people and sports teams, but why would a U.S. state have a nickname? The 50 States in the U.S. all have special and different qualities that…

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Minnesota State Abbreviation

When sending packages, greeting cards, or business documents to someone, or even looking up an address online or filling in documents for business or personal purposes, you will realize the…

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