What is the Seal of the State of Texas?

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A few years after the nation declared its official independence, many things within the United States started to change, and a new historical chapter began in the U.S.

On June 20, 1782, the nation’s state seal was initially created, and officially adopted by the Continental Congress of America. The Great Seal of the U.S. was used (and still is) as the symbol of sovereignty as a nation.

Shortly after this, states began adopting their own official state seals, mottos, nicknames, and much more. These, as well as a whole host of Texas state symbols that have been adopted by the state are used to symbolize and represent the uniqueness of each state that resides within the nation. The Texas State Seal below is the original one that was used.

State Seal of Texas

The official Great State Seal of Texas features the famous “Lone Star”, which can also be found on the state flag. The Lone Star is extremely symbolic of the state, and features in almost everything related to Texas, for example, the state nickname. Originally, the Lone Star design was adopted as the seal of the “Republic of Texas” in 1836, however, in 1845, when Texas became an official state, the word “republic” was replaced by “state” and the new Seal was formed.

What is the Texas State Seal Meaning?

So, what does the Texas State Seal symbolize? The branches that appear on either side of the star were added to the original seal back in 1839. The Texas State Seal is simplistic, especially when compared with other states. However, the meaning is still powerful, with the Lone Star having much significance within the state, still to this day.

Something that is incredibly unique when it comes to Texas’ seal is that it is one of a few that has a design for the reverse of the state seal. The design that appears on the back of the Texas seal is that of a shield, with the lower half of the seal being divided into two different parts – on the shields lower left is a depiction of the cannon which was present at the “Battle of Gonzales”, on the lower right side of the shield is a depiction of Vince’s Bridge, and on the upper half of the shield is a depiction of the Alamo.

The text you can see above the shield describes the state’s famous motto “REMEMBER THE ALAMO”, and underneath the shield it says, “TEXAS ONE AND INDVISIBLE”. And finally, you can see above the shield, centered between the flags is a white star, which is symbolizing the five-pointed “Lone Star”.

Texas state seal reversed

Although you cannot find the state seal being displayed on the official flag of Texas (which is common to see displayed on other state flags), you can still see the all important Lone Star! Most states will have their seals showcase a relevant story, that is indicative of the state and its history, and the Lone Star State is certainly no different.

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