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Anyone that lives in, is looking to visit Alabama, or who plans to journey through the state by car must understand the speed limits in Alabama.

Laws surrounding speed limits are quite stringent in Alabama, much the same as anywhere else in the U.S. However, it is better to be safe than sorry as abiding by the speed limits in Alabama will not only cost you less in fines and potential points on your license, but it can help save yourself and others from unnecessary accidents.

Speed Limit in Alabama

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has established the safest speed limits to travel in specific areas of the state. The different speed limits highlight the fastest speeds you are legally allowed to drive when conditions and visibility are good.

Alabama speed limits are unique, they are actually split into two definitions, “basic speeding law”, and “absolute speed limits”.

Here are the absolute speed limits:

  • 15 mph is the speed limit for school zones in Alabama.
  • 25 mph is the speed limit in the residential areas of the state.
  • All non-paved county roads in Alabama have a maximum speed limit of 35 mph.
  • All county roadways have a speed limit of 45 mph unless otherwise marked.
  • Other roadways unless otherwise marked are 55 mph.
  • Roadways with 4 or more lanes are 65 mph.
  • Interstate roads in Alabama are 70 mph.

What is the Basic Speeding Law and Absolute Alabama Speed Limit?

Alabama’s absolute speed limits, as seen in the bullet points are the prescribed maximum speed limits when driving on specific roads. It is also very simple and easy to follow, if the speed limit is 25 mph and you drive faster than that, you have violated the law and may see some negative repercussions.

So, use the above points as a reference for driving in Alabama, as you will face penalties for abusing them.

Alabama’s basic speeding law prohibits driving at a speed greater than is “reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards that exist.” Basically, motorists must always drive at a safe and sensible speed, depending on many factors, mainly road and weather conditions.

With regards to driving on the highway, the law suggests that the right-hand lane is reserved for vehicles that go at or below the minimum Alabama speed limits. If this is not practical, the car should be as close to the right-hand side of the highway as possible.

What Fines Apply When Going Over the Alabama Speed Limit?

Speeding tickets and fines in Alabama are totally dependent on the circumstances of the offense. However, a driver caught speeding will be usually looking at $190 to $300 in fines and fees, the specific amount will typically depend on the speed and the county where the violation happened. Also, fines are normally doubled for speeding in construction zones.

A speeding violation will also add either two or five points dependent on the speed at which you were driving to the motorist’s record and license. If you get 12 points or more within a two-year period, you will have your license suspended.

The Alabama Motor Vehicle Division assigns the number of points to your license to correspond with the speeding or motor violation that is committed.

Here is the Alabama speeding ticket and motor offense points system:

Alabama Speeding Ticket PointsTotal Points
Reckless driving6
Failure to yield right-of-way5
Passing stopped school bus5
Driving on the wrong side of road4
Illegal passing4
Disregarding traffic control device3
Speeding 1 to 25 miles per hour over limit2
Speeding 26 or more miles per hour over limit5
Failure to obey hazard signs3
Emergency vehicle violation2
Failure to signal2
Unlisted traffic violation2

When relocating to Alabama, or just simply visiting on vacation, there is an abundance of fun things to do, and places to see. However, knowing and adhering to the Alabama speed limits is essential in order for you to avoid penalties and potential accidents.

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