This information has been created to help those doing business or planning on doing business in Oklahoma to familiarize themselves with the Oklahoma minimum wage in 2021 (and previous years), including the laws and rules that apply to certain industries or businesses of a certain size.

In Oklahoma, there has been a lot of discussions centered around a potential increase to the Oklahoma minimum wage. Oklahoma is one of a certain group of states that currently follows the federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour. The federal minimum wage is the national wage for states that have not set a higher minimum wage.

Did the Oklahoma Minimum Wage Go Up?

The graphic below highlights the Oklahoma minimum wage over the past several years. The minimum wage did not go up and remains at $7.25 per hour in 2021.

Minimum wage in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2021

2021 has seen no increase to the Oklahoma minimum wage, it remains at $7.25 per hour and will most likely not increase for the foreseeable future. The last time Oklahoma’s minimum wage increased was back in 2008.

Although the OK min wage is $7.25, there are some exceptions to the rule, depending on the type of business and employee works for. Here are those exceptions:

  • Tipped workers are eligible to be paid a minimum of $2.13 per hour. However, the tips must make up the rest of their wage, equaling a minimum of $7.25 per hour.
  • Employees that are 20 years old or younger can be paid a training wage of $4.25 for the first 90 days of employment.
  • Part-time workers who are in full-time education can be paid a minimum of $6.16 per hour.

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Oklahoma Minimum Wage History

The table below provides the history of Oklahoma’s minimum wage over the years since 2008. You can see when there were increases in the minimum wage, how much they were, and what percentage increase it represents.

StateWageYear$ Wage Increase% Increase
Oklahoma Minimum Wage History$7.252021$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2020$7.252020$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2019$7.252019$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2018$7.252018$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2017$7.252017$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2016$7.252016$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2015$7.252015$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2014$7.252014$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2013$7.252013$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2012$7.252012$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2011$7.252011$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2010$7.252010$00%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2009$7.252009$0.7011%
Oklahoma Minimum Wage 2008$6.552008$00%