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Nicknames are common for people and sports teams, but why would a U.S. state have a nickname? The 50 States in the U.S. all have special and different qualities that they like to boast about, some of which are used to attract people to the state, whether to live there, or just for a visit, while others are rooted in long-standing history.

Many states developed an initial nickname after they entered the union 100+ years ago, but not all state nicknames have stuck with each state over the years, and many have developed additional nicknames or primary nicknames that they identify with the most or that set them apart from other states. States take their nicknames from various sources so let’s take a look at Mississippi’s nickname.

Mississippis nickname

What is Mississippi’s nickname? It is The Magnolia State.

The Magnolia state is situated on the southern edge of the United States, bordering Alabama and Missouri to the east, Tennessee to the north, Arkansas to the west, Louisiana to the west, and the Gulf of Mexico to the South. Yes, Mississippi borders a total of 5 states! Mississippi also boasts one of the largest areas by landmass in the United States, covering a total area of 48,434 square miles.

Mississippi’s nickname is unique, since its admission to the union on December 10, 1817, and subsequently becoming the 20th US state, Mississippi has adopted multiple nicknames. The most notable and the official nickname, however, is the Magnolia state. If you are interested in seeing the Nicknames for states in the US (all 50 of them), including the date each state was entered into the Union, then head over to our page that lists them in alphabetical order.

Mississippi State Nickname

The reasons for the adoption of the Mississippi state nickname leaves little to the imagination unless of course, you are unfamiliar with trees! Magnolia is a specific tree that produces beautiful arrays of light pink/white flowers, Magnolias symbolized dignity and nobility. In ancient China, Magnolias were perceived as the perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness.

In the United States, specifically in the Southern region, there is an abundance of these charming trees and flowers, white magnolias are still commonly seen in bridal bouquets because of what these flowers are thought to symbolize and emphasize the bride’s purity, nobility, beauty, and gentleness.

The Magnolia is not only the Mississippi state nickname, but it also appears as the state flower and the state tree of Mississippi. Both the state nickname and state flower appear on the Mississippi quarter. Mississippi has always been a hotspot for these trees, so it only makes sense that they are heavily associated with the state.

How did Mississippi get its Nicknames?

Like all other states, Mississippi has multiple nicknames used to identify the state. Obviously, the official nickname takes the spotlight in comparison, but there are many states that are better known for their non-official nicknames. It’s no secret that the official state nickname of Mississippi is the most famous, but, how did Mississippi get its nicknames?

  • The Hospitality State – this nickname is fairly self-explanatory, you can’t beat the true southern hospitality Mississippi prides itself on. Mississippi has been so well-known for having great hospitality, they decided to give the state a nickname based on this!
  • The Bayou State – sometimes Mississippi is referred to as the Bayou State for the slow-moving streams that travel through the lowlands and marshlands along the iconic Mississippi River and the southern section of the Gulf coast.
  • The Eagle State – the Mississippi Coat of Arms features a Bald Eagle clasping arrows and an olive branch in its talons. The Mississippi Coat of Arms is based on the National Coat of Arms and features on the Mississippi Great Seal.

What is the nickname of Mississippi

Now that you know the answer to the question; how did Mississippi get its nicknames? It makes sense to take a look at the famous Mississippi motto. All states have a unique state motto, usually derived from an event linked with the state’s historical past, mottos tend to be given to the state as a representation of the people past and present.

Despite what many people believe from the slogan on the Mississippi state seal, the Mississippi motto is not “in god we trust”, it is, in fact, “Virtute et armis”, this Latin phrase translates to “By valor and arms”. It is theorized that the adoption of this motto was suggested by Lord Gray De Wilton and reads “I trust in virtue, not arms”. This powerful motto pays homage to the peaceful and tranquil state Mississippi is known for, as well as the people that represent this state.

Mississippi is known for its plentiful forests and beautiful landscapes, with 63% of the state’s land area covered in forest, this amounts to a staggering 19.5 million acres. Mississippi is also home to the iconic Mississippi River, which is, interestingly enough, how Mississippi founded its name.

If you are interested in learning about the Mississippi State abbreviation, take a look at our page dedicated to this. The Mississippi postal abbreviation is often confused with other states that have similar letters in them, knowing and memorizing these state abbreviations is highly recommended for a multitude of reasons.

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