As a business owner or someone that has a job or is looking for a job, it is important to familiarize yourself with various aspects of the minimum wage. If you own a business or a franchise in Michigan, or you are employed or seeking employment, knowing what the minimum wage is can be very important to make sure no laws get broken, and you are paid a fair wage.

What is the Michigan minimum wage in 2021?

The Michigan minimum wage in 2021 is still $9.65 per hour. This is $2.40 higher than the current federal minimum wage ($7.25) and is considered quite high when compared to most state’s minimum wages in 2021.

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If you would like to see the history of the minimum wage in Michigan over the past 10+ years, we have created a bar graph showing you the minimum wage each year and also a convenient PDF you can download. It is located at the bottom of this page.

Did the Michigan Minimum Wage Go Up?

The graphic below highlights the Michigan minimum wage over the past several years. The minimum wage did not go up and remains at $9.65 per hour in 2021.

Minimum wage in Michigan

Michigan Minimum Wage 2021

2021 has seen no increase to the Michigan minimum wage, despite the announcement to increase it to $9.87 per hour in January. Reasons for this 2.3% increase not taking place stem from the unemployment rate within the state, with the statewide unemployment rate surpassing 8.5% in 2020.

The Michigan minimum wage rate has been boosted consistently each year since 2016 and is heading in the right direction, which in turn is pleasing workers all over the state. Although 2021 has disappointed many employees around the state due to the minimum wage not increasing as it was indicated, the wage is still significantly higher than the federal wage, and 2021 will likely see a more significant increase!

For employees in specific service-related jobs, how much they get paid may vary, here are some examples:

  • Tipped employees being paid a minimum of $3.67 per hour, must be paid in tips to either equal or surpass the current minimum wage of $9.65. The average hourly tips for 2021 is $6.02 an hour.
  • Employees under the age of 20 can be paid a minimum of $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days of employment, this is known as a training wage.

This page has the latest information on the min wage, but if you wish to find out more details on the Michigan state laws and regulations for 2021, take a look at the Michigan Government’s minimum wage page on their website (LARA).

To find out more information regarding the US minimum wage by state, check out our page that has a table in alphabetical order of all 50 states, including historical state minimum wage rates from previous years and the current rate for all states.

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Michigan Minimum Wage History

The table below provides the history of Michigan’s minimum wage over the years since 1983. You can see when there were increases in the minimum wage, how much they were, and what percentage increase it represents.

StateWageYear$ Wage Increase% Increase
Michigan Minimum Wage 2021$9.652021$0.000%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2020$9.652020$0.202.1%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2019$9.452019$0.202.1%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2018$9.252018$0.353.9%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2017$8.902017$0.404.7%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2016$8.502016$0.354.2%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2015$8.152015$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2014$8.152014$0.7510%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2013$7.402013$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2012$7.402012$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2011$7.402011$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2010$7.402010$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2009$7.402009$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2008$7.402008$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2007$7.152007$0.202.87%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2006$6.952006$1.8034.95%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2005$5.152005$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2004$5.152004$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2003$5.152003$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2002$5.152002$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2001$5.152001$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 2000$5.152000$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1999$5.151999$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1998$5.151998$0.408.42%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1997$4.751997$1.4041.79%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1996$3.351996$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1995$3.351995$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1994$3.351994$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1993$3.351993$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1992$3.351992$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1991$3.351991$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1990$3.351990$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1989$3.351989$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1988$3.351988$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1987$3.351987$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1986$3.351986$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1985$3.351985$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1984$3.351984$00%
Michigan Minimum Wage 1983$3.351983$00%

Michigan minimum wage history for 10+ years – downloadable PDF below

Michigan minimum wage history

Michigan Minimum Wage History – Downloadable PDF

EIN Number Michigan

As a Michigan business owner and employer, or someone that is looking to register an LLC or an incorporated company in Michigan with the goal of hiring employees, now, or in the future, you will need to have a Michigan EIN number.

An EIN is also known as an Employer Identification Number and is issued by the internal revenue service (IRS). We have created a guide on how to get an EIN number in Michigan with the IRS, and it includes links to the appropriate sources and forms and the differences between whether you are a U.S. citizen or a foreign national applying for a Michigan EIN.