What is the Kentucky State Horse?

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The Kentucky state horse is the Thoroughbred (Equus ferus caballus) and was adopted by the state in 1996 to best represent its historical roots. Many other state symbols represent Kentucky, such as nicknames, state seals, trees, cakes, flowers, birds, insects, and more.

State Horse of Kentucky

Kentucky has had a rather large reputation dating back over 100 years ago, for producing some of the best horses in America. This is due in large to the state’s climate and abundance of grassy fields and farmland, which are fantastic for raising healthy thoroughbreds.

The bluegrass state also hosts many annual horse shows, races, and breeding events, which have maintained the popularity of thoroughbreds throughout the state. You can even find one of these majestic beauties residing on the official Kentucky State Quarter.

Kenucky state horse

There is a world-famous horse race named the Kentucky Derby, described by many as being the “greatest two minutes in sports”, and the race is totally exclusive to thoroughbreds.

It was during the year 1779 when the first thoroughbred was brought to the town of Lexington, located in the central-north region of the state. Ten years goes by (during 1789) and the census displayed some statistics showing there were more horses than people in Lexington!

Nowadays, central Kentucky has the world’s greatest concentration of thoroughbred breeding farms, with over 10,000 thoroughbreds foaled on average per year.

Kentucky State Horse Facts

Due to their popularity and historical significance, which still remains in Kentucky today, thoroughbreds have tons of interesting facts about them that we have discovered over the past several years.

Thoroughbred Quickfire Facts

  • They are known for their speed and incredible endurance, which is why they are the most popular racehorse.
  • You can track their lineage back to over three hundred years ago when three stallions were brought to Great Britain from the Middle East.
  • Not only are they brilliant racehorses, but they are frequently used in polo and hunting.
  • They are used by police and for vocational training in correctional facilities.
  • Thoroughbreds have been selectively bred for years, specifically so that they can be genetically gifted with superior athletic qualities to other horse breeds.
  • The average thoroughbred is 16 hands tall, which equates to 64 inches, and weighs 1,000 lbs (pounds) on average.
  • Thoroughbred colors can be bay, chestnut, dark bay, black, gray, and silver.
  • These powerful horses can reach speeds of 40 mph!

Kentucky state horse

Kentucky State Horse Coloring Page

Thoroughbreds are symbolic and unique to the state of Kentucky, making it a brilliant way of teaching about the state’s historical relationship with the horse.

For children and adults out there with a passion for coloring and learning about various symbols, you will love our downloadable Kentucky state horse coloring page. Further down the page, you will find a multi-image coloring page for the thoroughbred if you need more than one or smaller size.


The image below is a smaller version of the downloadable coloring page, but feel free also to download this if you like.

Small and Multi-Image Horse Coloring Page

The downloadable coloring page does not just come in one size, in fact, we have a multi-image coloring page that consists of four smaller images of the famous horse for your coloring pleasure.


The image below is a smaller version of the downloadable multi-image Kentucky state horse coloring page, feel free to download this too.

If you do not have a printer available to you, there are several places you can visit to print off these coloring pages; your local library, copy and print stores, shipping stores, postal offices, and even retail stores or your local pharmacy.

Final Thoughts

Most states have their symbols showcase a relevant story that is indicative of the state and its history, its geological makeup, and its wildlife, and The Bluegrass State puts its history and what it stands for across very well in its state horse. This interesting fact about Kentucky and a whole host of others is what makes the state so unique and fascinating to those that live there or are researching the historical events of the state.

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