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State symbols have been a mainstay of U.S. culture since the very beginning. Official symbols are used to represent the cultural heritage and natural history of each state in the most fun way possible.

Fortunately, Georgia is no different from many other U.S. states, with tons of symbols that are indicative to the state’s historical roots and geological history of Georgia. There are also recognizable icons and emblems for each state, such as state seals and flags, nicknames and mottos, and much more which we have included in our Georgia state symbol list.

Georgia state symbols

Georgia State Symbols List

There are an incredible amount of state symbols for Georgia, and all states for that matter, creating a whole host of interesting facts, both from the past and present. We have shortlisted the top 6 most significant Georgia state symbols below and further down the page you will find a comprehensive table with each Georgia symbol and the date in which they were officially created.

Georgia State Animal

Georgia is in somewhat of a unique position when it comes to the mammal that represents the state. There are actually two, a land mammal and a sea mammal! The land mammal that represents Georgia is the White-Tailed Deer and has been since 2015, thanks to the efforts of a group of elementary school students at Reese Road Leadership Academy, located in Muscogee County, GA.

Georgia state land mammal

The second of Georgia’s state animals and the ‘marine mammal’ representing the state is the critically endangered Northern Right Whale. This Whale species has been a symbol for Georgia since 1985.

Georgia State Fruit

It should be known by many which fruit best represents the state of Georgia – peaches! You only need to look at Georgia’s nickname to work out which fruit it could be. The Peach State has a widely recognized reputation for producing the highest quality peaches which make it the state fruit of Georgia.

Georgia state fruit

Georgia State Bird and Flower

It was in 1916 when Georgia appointed the Cherokee rose (Rosa laevigata) as the official state floral emblem, shortly after this it became recognized as the official state wildflower.

Georgia state bird

The Brown Trasher (Toxostoma rufum) was originally the unofficial state bird from 1935 to 1970. It was during 1970 when the thrasher became Georgia’s official state bird. The Georgia state bird and flower represent one of the finest songsters in America and a rose name derived from the Cherokee Indians.

Georgia State Seal

The Georgia state seal was officially adopted in 1798, the seal contains a row of columns, a naval officer bearing a drawn sword, and 1776, which was the year the U.S. declared independence.

Georgia State Insect

In 1975 Georgia made the Honeybee its official state insect, paying homage to these insects’ incredible contribution to the state’s economy via the production of honey during the early days. Bees have also aided the pollination of over 50 crops in Georgia over the years. Georgia’s state insect is a member of the great insect family Apoidea, which includes 20,000 species!

Georgia state insect

Georgia State Tree

Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) is the official state tree for Georgia and has been since 1937. Coastal towns and cities in the south of the nation will often have hurricane-resistant live oaks that impressively arch over streets in historic neighborhoods for protection.

Georgia state tree

All Georgia State Symbols (Table)

Now that we have taken a look at some of the more popular and notable state symbols that are associated with the great state of Georgia, it makes sense to showcase all the Georgia state symbols that are best used to represent the state’s historical and more present achievements and moments. Here is the complete list of symbols:

Type Of SymbolState SymbolYear
Georgia State AmphibianAmerican green tree frog2005
Georgia State Art MuseumGeorgia Museum of Art1982
Georgia State AtlasThe Atlas of Georgia1985
Georgia State Ballet CompanyAtlanta Ballet1973
Georgia State BirdBrown Thrasher1970
Georgia State Botanical GardenThe State Botanical Garden of Georgia1984
Georgia State ButterflyEastern Tiger Swallowtail1988
Georgia State Cold Water Game FishSouthern Appalachian brook trout2006
Georgia State CreedGeorgian's Creed1939
Georgia State CropPeanut1995
Georgia State Dog"Adoptable Dog"2016
Georgia State FishLargemouth Bass1970
Georgia State FlagCivil and State Flag2003
Georgia State FlowerCherokee Rose1916
Georgia State Folk DanceSquare Dance1996
Georgia State Folk FestivalGeorgia Folk Festival1992
Georgia State Folk Life PlaySwamp Gravy1994
Georgia State FossilShark tooth1976
Georgia State FruitPeach1995
Georgia State GemGeorgia State Quartz1976
Georgia State InsectHoneybee1975
Georgia State Marine MammalNorth Atlantic right whale1985
Georgia State MineralStaurolite1976
Georgia State Motto"Wisdom, Justice, Moderation"1799
Georgia State Musical TheatreJekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival1993
Georgia State NicknamePeach State1865
Georgia State NutPecan2021
Georgia State Poet LaureatePoet Laureate of Georgia1925
Georgia State Pork Cook-offThe Dooly County Chamber of Commerce's "Slosheye Trail Big Pig Jig"1997
Georgia State PossumPogo 'Possum1992
Georgia State Prepared FoodGrits2002
Georgia State Railroad MuseumThe Central of Georgia Railroad Shops Complex1996
Georgia State ReptileGopher tortoise1989
Georgia State Salt-water fishRed drum2006
Georgia State SealSeal of the State of Georgia1798
Georgia State SeashellKnobbed Whelk1987
Georgia State Song"Georgia on My Mind"1979
Georgia State TartanGeorgia Tartan1997
Georgia State TreeSouthern Live Oak1937
Georgia State VegetableVidalia sweet onion1990
Georgia State Waltz"Our Georgia"1951
Georgia State WildflowerAzalea1979
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