State symbols are often adopted after a collaborative effort by citizens and students to have a significant item recognized for its importance to the state. States such as Florida, and many others began to adopt some of their own official state symbols several decades ago, and in some cases, over 100 years ago. A state symbol can come in the form of state animals, insects, birds, flowers, amphibians, nicknames, state seals, and much more.

Citizens, children, and educational institutions often research a particular symbol and make a request for a bill, tracking it all the way through the legislative process with the hope that it is enacted, and a new state symbol is announced for Florida. Like other states, there are many Florida state symbols. The Florida state bird and flower are the Orange blossom (Citrus sinensis) and the Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos).

What is the Florida State Bird?

The Mockingbird has been Florida’s official state bird since 1927, which was during a period of time where the state of Florida relied much more on agriculture to support its economy. Nowadays the state is much more heavily populated on the coasts which have diversified Florida’s economy tremendously.

Florida state bird

The famous mockingbird is also the state bird of Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Northern mockingbirds have incredibly unique vocal capabilities and can sign over 200 different songs even mimicking the noises of other animals and humans! How many mockingbirds are there? With brid populations decreasing and increasing seemingly annually, it is nice to see the Northern Mockingbird increasing in population each year, with over 45 million estimated individuals, and over 32 million breeding birds.

What is the Florida State Flower?

The orange blossom (Citrus sinensis) was originally adopted as the Florida state flower back in 1909. The blossom of the orange tree is undoubtedly a popular flower in Florida and it is also one of the most fragrant flowers in the state.

Florida state flower

Tens of millions of white flowers from orange trees will perfume the air in southern and central Florida during the infamous orange blossom time period. Oranges are a popular symbol of Florida, with the fruit being recognized as the official state fruit, state juice and state beverage.

Most states will have their symbols showcase a relevant story, that is indicative of the state and its history, and the Sunshine State puts its history and what it stands for across very well in its state bird and flower.