How much does it cost to register a business in Colorado?

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The Centennial State is a magnet for those seeking a better quality of life, and all the other benefits a beautiful place like Colorado provides.

If you put the stunning mountain ranges, endlessly expansive landscapes, and active lifestyle to one side, you have a state that is also very attractive for those looking to register a company in Colorado.

How much does it cost to register a business in Colorado? It is actually quite affordable to register a new company in Colorado. In fact, if you register an LLC, an incorporated company, a partnership, or a non-profit, the initial registration fee is just $50, which is less than in many other states.

What is the cost to register a business in Colorado

What is the cost to register a business in Colorado?

There are two main types of companies you will form when starting and registering a business in Colorado:

  • Colorado Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Colorado Incorporated Company (Inc.)

Of course, there are other types of structures such as sole proprietorship, a limited or general partnership, and non-profit, but the most common two are a limited liability company and a corporation.

When it comes to registering your company in a U.S. state, it is important to be aware that the registration and renewal costs differ depending on which state you decide to register in. The type of business structure you decide on will also determine the specific costs.

If you would like to pay for the services of a formation and business filing services company to register your Colorado business the right way, they can do it for an affordable fee that ensures it is done properly and all the correct documents are filed according to the law. They will also take care of all the after-formation procedures so your business is compliant with Colorado law and legally registered.

How much does it cost to register a company in Colorado?

  • Colorado LLC Initial Registration: $50
  • Colorado Corporation Initial Registration: $50
  • Colorado Non-Profit Initial Registration: $50
  • Foreign LLC Initial Registration: $100
  • Foreign Corporation Initial Registration: $100
  • Limited Partnership (LP) Initial Registration: $50
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Initial Registration: $50

The costs to register a business in Colorado noted above are the total fees you must pay but do not include several optional fees that are offered by the Colorado Secretary of State.

The costs include the initial filing fees and the registered agent designation fees that the Secretary of State charges. If you would like additional copies of your registration certificate (certified copy), or a certificate of good standing, these can be obtained for free.

When you open a bank account or apply for credit, some financial institutions may need a certified copy of your registration certificate.

How much does it cost to renew a company in Colorado?

According to Colorado law, any company wishing to continue doing business in the State of Colorado must file an annual report with the Secretary of State. Most of these fees will be the same, despite the type of business you own, and can be filed 2 months in advance of the deadline date.

The deadline date for filing your annual report is the end of the month you originally registered your Colorado business. So, if you registered a Colorado LLC on March the 7th 2020, you would have to file your annual report no later than March the 31st 2021.

Annual Fees to renew your business in Colorado:

  • Annual Fee for an LLC in Colorado: $10 (if late, a $50 late filing fee can be added to this)
  • Annual Fee for a Corporation in Colorado: $10 (if late, a $50 late filing fee can be added to this)
  • Annual Fee for a Colorado Non-Profit: $10
  • Annual Fee for a Foreign LLC: $10 (if late, a $50 late filing fee can be added to this)
  • Annual Fee for a Foreign Corporation: $10 (if late, a $50 late filing fee can be added to this)

The above annual reporting fees for businesses are the minimum you must pay, and there are optional fees and additional state fees a business entity may need to pay should you wish to change your registered agent or office, or if a managing member or officer/director changes.

Other Colorado Secretary of State Filing Fees

As a business owner or soon-to-be owner of a Colorado company, you should be aware of the other various fees that are charged by the Secretary of State.

  • Amended Articles of Incorporation: $25
  • Change of Registered Agent/Office: $10
  • Conversion Statements: $50
  • Certificate of Dissolution: $10
  • Certificate of Merger: $150 (paper fee)
  • Name Reservation: $25
  • Resignation of Registered Agent: $10
  • Restated Constituent Filed Document: $25
  • Statement of Correction: $10
  • Statement of Termination: $10

Colorado Secretary of State Address and Contact Information

Department of State
1700 Broadway, Suite 550
Denver, CO 80290
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. MDT

If certain changes are made by the LLC, such as amending the Articles of Organization or changing the registered agent, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office must be notified on the appropriate form and a fee must be paid. This fee is $25 for the majority of changes.

Here is the fee schedule from the Colorado Secretary of State.

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