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When you send anything to a physical address, whether its packages, cards, or documents, you will be benefiting yourself tremendously if you know the abbreviation for Tennessee. The two-letter postal abbreviation is not just necessary when mailing things, it is also useful to know when searching for things online, filling out forms, applying for things online, and, among other things, looking up Tennessee addresses on Google maps.

TN State Abbreviation

Remembering all 50 states’ two-letter postal abbreviations can be a hard task as there’s so many to memorize, and many are abbreviated very differently to the actual spelling of the state, and some states use very similar letters. Here’s all the information you will need regarding the abbreviation for Tennessee.

The Tennessee state abbreviation is not as easy as some other states that often use the first two letters of their name as the abbreviation. If Tennessee did this, it would be “TE” – and this is not the abbreviation for Tennessee. It is, in fact, “TN” the first and third letter of the states’ name. Texas is another state that may be considered to have the abbreviation “TE”, but that is not the case either. To find out what the Texas state abbreviation is, take a look at our page dedicated to this.

Tennessee State Abbreviation

Now that you know the two-letter Tennessee state abbreviation (TN), it makes sense to know what the long-form name abbreviation is for Tennessee. The regular abbreviations to states’ names came out in 1963, but many were three to four letters in length and it was decided they would be too long to include on envelopes and packages as postal service addressing equipment couldn’t accommodate these longer state abbreviations along with zip codes.

The Tennessee state abbreviation consists of the initial four letters of the states’ name with a period at the end, “Tenn.”. There are many states that have adopted the same type of abbreviation, using the initial four (or three) letters with a period. Understanding the Tennessee state abbreviation is important for many reasons and will come in handy in a multitude of situations.

People use state abbreviations all the time in everyday life and business, it is beneficial to know the unique two-letter abbreviation representing each state in the U.S. as the probability of you needing to memorize it is very high. Since you are interested in the Tennessee state abbreviation, then you may also have an interest in keeping up to date with the Tennessee minimum wage, including updates and the latest min wage increases.

Check out our United States Abbreviations table where you can see not just the Tennessee postal abbreviation, but each state’s unique two-letter postal abbreviations and regular abbreviations.

US State Initials


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